Differentials XI – Game-week 10

FPL Updates Differentials XI are still looking for another big pay day to push them back up the ranks, after what was a below average score of 29 points in Game-week 10. This saw the team unfortunately fall even further in the ranks, but there were some positives to be seen! This is how the team looks:


So, unfortunately Ben didn’t manage to keep us a clean sheet and sitting smugly on the bench, Rob Green managed to make his way into the Dream Team. To be honest I think he was lost, but in reality it worked out to be 8 points lost! In defence however we did see some improvement, after Mertesacker once again brought in a big 6 points after he kept another clean sheet. Trippier on the other hand saw 3 goals fly past him so he only ended up with a solitary point. Unfortunately Johnson didn’t play, and Liverpool kept a clean sheet which may not be a coincidence! Rojo stepped in for Johnson with 2 points.

Our midfield was a bit of a disappointment this week as none managed to achieve over 3 points, even our captain Ross Barkley who didn’t even start! Puncheon also started on the bench, Cazorla did his usual, and Moses and Lamela both lost their shooting boots. Need I say more?

Vardy played 66 minutes this week but didn’t manage to get on the score sheet. However, van Persie picked up a last gasp goal against Chelsea giving him 6 points!

Hopefully we will see some good points in the coming game-weeks, but here are the changes:

Zarate (OUT) -> Adebayor (IN)


This week we once again start Ben Foster as he has the easier fixture against Leicester City. Alongside him in defence we start Johnson, van Aanholt and Mertesacker. Here we may have to keep an eye on Johnson’s playing time, and if this changes we may have to look at removing him. If he doesn’t play, we have Rojo ready to step into the team. Both Mertesacker and van Aanholt on the other hand have fixtures in which they could do well.

We have changed to a 4 man midfield this week with; Puncheon, Cazorla, Moses and Lamela all starting. All have fixtures in which they should shine, and more importantly fixtures in which they could find the back of the net. Barkley has been dropped to the bench, which could be a gamble, but he started last week on the bench hence this move.

Up top we start; Adebayor, Vardy and van Persie. Adebayor gets a second stint in the Differentials XI and we have also given him the captain’s armband for this upcoming fixture against Aston Villa. Vardy and van Persie both should start against West Brom and Manchester City, and hopefully they will put on their shooting boots!

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