Differentials XI – Game-week 4

Game-week 3 turned out to be a bit of a tough week for our Differentials XI, hitting just 34 points, which was disappointingly 8 points below average. Anyway, this is how the team looked at the end of the week:point
Last week we clearly picked the wrong keeper, leaving Rob Green on the bench. Despite QPR having the harder-looking fixture on paper, they managed to keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 victory over Sunderland. Either way we missed out on 7 extra points.

In the defence, we were hoping to pick up a few clean sheets and maybe a goal or an assist, but this didn’t happen. Only Trippier managed to get more than 2 points as he kept a clean sheet, despite having the toughest fixture on paper against Manchester United. The defenders generally play well and showed signs of promise but unfortunately, they didn’t come up with the goods.

In midfield, it was 2 points all round as Cazorla, Lamela and Tadic fired blanks. Not really much to say here as it was a bit disappointing, but hopefully they will turn-up at their next fixtures and bring in some points.

There was some positivity up top however as Pelle managed to score a goal and Zarate also assisted one. Unfortunately, Emmanuel Adebayor (who we captained) let us down big time and blanked against Liverpool in what will be his last appearance for FPL Updates Differentials XI (unless his ownership falls back down).

So down to the business:

Adebayor (OUT) – Balotelli (IN)

Starting XI: Foster (3.9%), Mertesacker (3.8%), Van Aanholt (1.4%), Trippier (1.1%), Cazorla (2.9%), Arnautovic (1.3%), Tadic (2.4%), Lamela (4.6%), Zarate (1.4%), Pelle (2.2%), Balotelli (4.1%)

Bench: Green (2.0%), Demichelis (1.6%), Johnson (1.5%), Snodgrass (0.6%)

So Mr ‘Why Always Me?’ has joined the FPL Updates Differentials XI, and this is how we have lined them up for gameweek 4:


With Ben Foster picking up a thumb injury in training right before the England match, this caused some doubt whether or not he will be fit to play against Everton. We think he will get over this “traumatic” injury in time to play and if he doesn’t, Rob Green will have to step in and play in goal.

We are playing three at the back in the shapes of Trippier, van Aanholt and Mertesacker. Trippier and van Aanholt both have ‘easier’ fixtures in comparison to Mertesacker & Demichelis as they are away at Crystal Palace and at home against Tottenham respectively. We flipped a coin between Mertesacker and Demichelis and gambled with Mertesacker as they host Manchester City at the Emirates.

In the middle of the park we start Cazorla, Arnautovic, Tadic and Lamela. Cazorla has a tough game against Manchester City, but will hopefully step up to the plate. Another issue to keep an eye on is Stoke’s Arnautovic who seems to be drifting out of favour. If this continues, we may have to address this in the upcoming weeks. Tadic and Lamela will also feature, and also have favourable fixtures in which there is potential for some FPL points.

Up top we start Zarate and Pelle for the fourth week in a row and hopefully they will keep their form, with fixtures that they both could score or grab an assist in. We also start our new signing Super Mario who is up top against Aston Villa at Anfield, which does hold massive potential of goals. With Sturridge out injured, he may be given the freedom to play further forward. For this reason we have also given him the captain’s armband.

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