Differentials XI – Gameweek 16

So you’ll never guess it… the Differentials XI saw green arrows in gameweek 15! Let’s hope they return again in gameweek 16! This week saw the team score 43 points, being 10 above average and more importantly saw them rise in the leagues! Here is how the team looked:

DifferentialsSo firstly, butter fingers Simon Mignolet rewarded our patience in him with a clean sheet and 6 points. However, in defence we saw a total of 5 points from 4 players! Shocking, hopefully they will reward us this week, just as Simon did!

In midfield, once again we saw a poor return, as Lamela only played 45 minutes, and Lallana and Bolasie scored the average 3 points. It will be sod’s law that they score if we take any of them out, as they do show promise.

Then up top, Kane brought home 2 points for playing. However RVP smashed it, bringing home 13 points with two goals against Southampton. More importantly, the new signing and captain for the week, Benteke didn’t let us down either with a total of 10 points as he grabbed an assist against Leicester City.

So, down to the business, the changes:

Fer (IN) -> Lamela (OUT)

Lamela hasn’t played 90 minutes for 4 gameweeks now, and with that sort of play time he will not benefit the team, so in comes Leroy Fer.


Starting XI: Green (2.0%), Alderweireld (1.3%), Mertesacker (3.7%), Cissokho (4.1%), Barkley (4.4%), Fer (0.7%), Chamberlain (1.8%), Bolasie (1.7%), Kane (5.0%), Benteke (1.1%), van Persie (3.6%)

Bench: Mignolet (4.6%), Rangel (0.8%), Trippier (1.6%), Lallana (0.6%)

This week we have switched to Green, as Mignolet and Liverpool face Manchester United, and we can’t see him keeping a clean sheet here. In defence we have started Mertesacker, Cissokho and Alderweireld. Although Alderweireld has a knock, we are going to gamble with him starting, and then if he doesn’t we have Rangel coming on in place of him.

This week in midfield we start; Fer, Barkley, Chamberlain and Bolasie. We are hoping these lads will start to perform, as we can’t seem to buy any points in midfield.

Finally up top we start Kane, Benteke and van Persie. van Persie hopefully will exploit Liverpool’s weaknesses, Benteke is facing West Brom whilst Kane faces Swansea. One thing to keep tabs on here is that Kane’s ownership is currently at 5.0% and may go over this before the end of the gameweek, so we may have to replace him next week. Finally, this week we have kept the captaincy with Benteke, and hope that he can bring home some points with a fixture against West Brom.

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