Differentials XI – Gameweek 36

The miserable run gets worse for the Differentials XI, as we faced yet another red arrow at the end of gameweek 35. Despite this we still have a season to finish and with three gameweeks left to go it’s important that we push on right until the very end, as is the same with all of you – after all you never know what can happen in a single gameweek…

Here’s how we faired in gameweek 35:


Another below average performance results in only 29 points, mainly due to an unlucky captaincy fail in Van Persie, who shockingly missed a penalty – when your lucks out, it really is OUT. It seems to be a recent trend within the side that we’ll have one defender scoring points for a clean sheet and then one other player (either a midfielder or striker) who bags a goal as well. Or even that we simply rely on the defence to bring home the points, a very risky game.

Here is what I mean – DGWK 34: Lescott (DEF) 6 points, Vardy (OTHER) 24 points as captian, GWK 33: Schlupp (DEF) 6 points, Lescott (DEF) 6 points, Zouma (DEF) 6 points and finally GWK 32: Davis (GK) 7 points. All of these previous gameweeks have resulted in extremely poor scores (the highest being 44 in DGWK 34).

So on reflection it makes it increasingly important to get the captaincy pick right… With that in mind it seems like we’d go for a safe-ish bet this week, right?


Let’s take a look…


Yes guys, that’s right, you do see it correctly: Aaron Lennon is our gameweek 36 captain! Of course if Lennon delivers a double digit gameweek we will look like geniuses, however with just 3 gameweeks left and nothing to play for, why not have a bit of fun, right?

Two transfers this week, although one is forced through a rise in total selected by percentage.

OUT: MAHREZ / IN: HERRERA: After 3 games without a win Louis Van Gaal’s men will undoubtedly be looking to bounce back with a win, and why not take a punt on Spanish playmaker Ander Herrera who likes to randomly pop up with a goal.

OUT: VARDY / IN: DEFOE: Despite Sunderland’s lack of goals this season and some difficult fixtures to follow they do have a double gameweek next week and are in the middle of a relegation scrap, meaning they NEED goals if they have any chance of retaining their Premier League status for the 2015/16 season. On top of this Vardy rose above our 5% TSB threshold.

So Defoe and Herrera come into the side, in the hope that they can add a little bit more flair to what has been a very boring XI of late.

Starting XI: Ospina (3.0%), Vertonghen (1.9%), Lescott (3.7%), Schlupp (2.0%), Mane (1.6%), Lennon (0.9%), Ozil (3.8%), Herrera (3.0%), Ings (4.4%), Van Perise (2.0%), Defoe (0.9%).

Bench: Davis (2.0%), Dann (1.8%), Phillips (0.9%), Zouma (1.1%).

So a pretty safe and simple change for gameweek 36 and a very unorthodox captain choice should make it an interesting one. Hopefully we do as well as all of you (or better) and thanks as always for reading, see you next time!



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