Fantasy Football Lessons Learnt

With the Premier League done and dusted, we hope you aren’t missing the football too much (we are)! This article is here to provide generic tips that can be taken into the upcoming season. All these tips are from personal experience in the fantasy Premier League season which has just past.

So let’s get on with it:

1. Don’t waste your Wildcard.

As we all know, a wildcard is, when played, a move that allows you to make unlimited transfers in that specific gameweek instead of the normally allocated 1 or 2. Many managers, myself included, effectively wasted their wildcard with inefficient planning at the beginning of the season. I’d strongly recommend planning your team for the first 6-10 GW’s. This allows your wildcard to be saved in time of desperate need.

2. Research Captaincy.

I was victim to just going “he has a good fixture, he’ll do”. I’d strongly advise against this. Look at past performances against teams that the potential candidates are up against, form and lastly fixtures. For example, this season. Aguero v Tottenham (H) wasn’t an overly popular captain pick due to the seemingly hard opponents. Aguero went on to score 4 while missing a penalty in the process. Form over fixtures every day of the week.

3. Transfers

Try and save 2 FT if possible. Don’t just knee-jerk. (making a transfer for the sake of it without achieving anything.) Also, while on the topic of transfers, just don’t take hits unless you can’t field 11. Plain and simple. If you have 1 FT and want to get two players in: wait a week. Then reassess when you have 2 FT in the bank and these moves can be made without a hit.

4. Your Bench

Don’t be scared to play “rotation players”. @FPLHints on Twitter is a clear advocate of what he calls ‘poundshop’ defenders. If Chelsea have Arsenal, United & City in their next three then don’t be scared to draft them to the bench and start a Sunderland defender with better fixtures. Catch my drift? Basically don’t be scared of fielding players from less teams if they themselves have better form & fixtures.

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