FPL Updates XI – Game-week 12

With the international break nearly over and Game-week 11 well and truly in the past, FPL Updates XI look to push on and score well in Game-week 12.

Firstly, here is how the team scored in Game-week 11:

FPL Updates XI GW 11 Points

So we can see that Big Tim Krul came out trumps again with another clean sheet! Alongside him Clyne managed to match him with a clean sheet himself, but Wisdom and Taylor only managed a point a piece. Hopefully we can see a few more clean sheets in the future from these lads.

We saw quite a good display from our midfielders this week with 26 points coming in between them; Fabregas (2), Sigurdsson (9), Sanchez (9) and Di Maria (6). More of the same please!

Finally, up top we also saw good performances from Costa, Pelle and Welbeck.


This week we ideally wanted to bring in Aguero, but we couldn’t afford him meaning we may have to play the wildcard in the upcoming weeks to fit him in. However, this week we had 2 free transfers at our disposal:

van Aanholt (OUT) -> Jagielka (IN)

We didn’t make use of our second transfer this week as there was no obvious choice. However, we are looking to play our wildcard next week which should result in a complete shift about…

FPL Updates XI GW12

So once again we start Tim Krul in goal as he isn’t letting us down and is consistently bringing in some good points now. Just in-front of him we are starting; Clyne, Jagielka and TRANSFER. They all have fixtures in which they have a chance of a clean sheet or some additional points so hopes are high here, don’t let us down lads!

In the midfield we have Di Maria, Sanchez, Sigurdsson and Fabregas. All of these guys have tough fixtures this week apart from Fabregas who has worringly picked up a knock, however we expect that the Spaniard will start. As said, the other three do have tough fixtures this week, with Di Maria facing Sanchez and Sigurdsson facing a trip to the Etihad.

Finally, up top we give starts to Pelle, Costa and Welbeck. It should be noted that just like Fabregas, Welbeck has also been yellow flagged, but we think he will be up for it against his old club. We hope that Pelle can continue his good form against Villa. Finally Costa has been given the armband this week with a home fixture against West Brom, hopefully he wont let us down.

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