FPL Updates XI – Gameweek 27

FPL Updates XI now turn their focus to gameweek 27, and with a poor performance last week, we will be looking to improve on our current ranking of 26,836. So the team scored 52 points, which was 10 points above the average, but still not enough to see any green arrows.

FPL Updates

So first things first, Ben Foster held up his part of the deal and kept the team a clean sheet, bringing home 6 points! Keep it up Ben. Now this is where it goes downhill… 4 points from 3 defenders, isn’t really good enough. However, if Tony Pulis hadn’t taken a dislike to Andre Wisdom we could have had another clean sheet here, and if van Aanholt had played his usual 90 minutes, there would have been another clean sheet! Instead they both played a combination of 3 minutes! Meanwhile Hutton and Naughton picked up 3 points between them! We will look to have a re-shuffle here in the upcoming weeks.

In midfield, Di Maria and Hazard both picked up good scores of 8 points each, but Walcott failed to feature, and Downing only scored 2 points. We were looking to take both Walcott and Downing out, but we may hold onto one of these as they both play next week, and with 4 teams not featuring, this could be vital.

Up top, all three of our strikers did something, being a goal and an assist from Sergio Aguero. A goal from Olivier Giroud. And finally Harry Kane played a one-two with the goalkeeper and scored, but this unfortunately counted as a penalty miss and our captain only ended up with 4 points (8 as captain).

So the changes:

Walcott (OUT) -> Silva (IN)

Wisdom (OUT) -> Yoshida (IN)

With both of these players out of favour, we have brought in the in-form David Silva and another budget defender in Yoshida, which will allow us to keep the money up top.

So the line up:

FPL Updates XI

This week we start Tim Krul in goal, as he and Newcastle look to find their feet again with a home game against Aston Villa. In front of him we start a back five, yes five! Usually we only start three at the back as we feel this benefits the team as you can get more points from your attacking players. Our first defender is Naughton, who faces a visit to Burnley, which hopefully will see a clean sheet grace our team! Next we have Cameron, which is a little concerning as he has also been a bit out of favour of late. However Stoke do have some defensive injuries at the moment, so hopefully he will feature here this week. We then have Hutton who faces a visit to Newcastle, a nil-nil here will benefit us here as we do have Tim Krul in goal too. van Aanholt takes a place in the team this week as Sunderland are off to face an out of form Manchester United, so maybe there could be an upset here. Finally at the back we have the new boy Yoshida, who faces a trip to West Brom.

In the middle of the park, we see Eden Hazard take a seat on the bench, leaving a three of Downing, Di Maria and Silva. Out of the three, Downing and Di Maria have fixtures in which ‘on paper’ they could score some big points. But then again we all know that fantasy football never works out like this.

We then finally start Olivier Giroud and Sergio Aguero up top. With Giroud looking to put the midweek fixture behind him, we fancy him to get on the score sheet against Everton. We then have Aguero… With him managing to score consistently at the moment, we start him and also give him the armband this week as Manchester City face Liverpool.

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