FPL Updates XI – Gameweek 33

Gameweek 33 saw another poor performance from the FPL Updates squad, seeing them fall to just inside the top 50,000 overall. If we can hold onto this come the end of the season this would be regarded as a success for the team’s first season! Anyway, 43 points, here is how we looked:

FPL Updates

So in goal Myhill only returned the 1 point as he and West Brom got beat in a thrilling 2-3 battle against Leicester City! In front of him we saw Ivanovic keep his first clean sheet for our team and for a moment it looked like van Aanholt and de Laet were going to return zero points each, but luckily Patrick popped up with an assist (better than nothing!).

Our midfield that usually scores big points for us are seemingly off the pace a bit, scoring only 15 points between them. Hazard once again the star of the four scoring 6 points, we hope to see more from them this week.

Finally up top we went with Kane as captain as surely he wouldn’t flop the second week in a row? Well he did! Giroud didn’t do much better, but luckily we kept faith in Aguero who popped up with two goals.

Not the best week, but there are a few positives, the team needs a bit of a shuffle, hence why we have taken a point hit this week to ensure we have got as many on the field as we can this week! Here are the changes:

Giroud (OUT) -> Murray (IN)

Cazorla (OUT) -> Lennon (IN)

So a -4 point hit this week in the hope that we can have a starting XI this week. It may be tough but we have given it our best shot with Murray and Lennon coming in. Next week we have our wildcard lined up for the double gameweek, but for now, here is how we line up:

FPL Updates

So we actually have two starting keepers this week, shame we can’t start them both! We go with Myhill who has possibly the easier task of keeping out Crystal Palace, whilst Krul sits on the bench as he faces a Hurrikane needing a goal! In front of him we start De Laet, Yoshida and Ivanovic. Both De Laet and Yoshida are a bit of a gamble, but we don’t really have a choice here, plus De Laet may be worth it as he does have a double gameweek next week. Finally at the back we start Ivanovic who has a tough game against Manchester United.

In the middle of the park we start; Silva, Eriksen, Hazard and Lennon, who have fixtures against West Ham, Newcastle, Manchester United and Burnley. Hopefully these lads can rescue us from the threat of dropping out of the top 50,000 and come up with some big points!

Finally we start Aguero, Kane and Murray, with Augero taking the captain’s armband this week. Lets hope for a better performance this week! Best of luck one and all!


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