Planning your Wildcard – Forwards

Gameweek 23 is the penultimate week that you can play your Wildcard. For me, this is the time to do it! 2 weeks to settle on your squad and plan for the forthcoming weeks. Yes please. In the previous 3 gameweeks we have discussed every position bar forwards. Look back at them now:

1.    Goalkeepers

2.    Defenders

3.    Midfielders

So this week is the turn of forwards like I said. 2 possible strategies are available in my opinion:

1. Star striker or

2. Three premium forwards, ultimately imbalancing your team making you have to compromise your defence or midfield.

Striking options:

I class premium strikers as those who are above 10m in Fantasy Premier League. 3 main strikers here; Agüero, Costa and Sturridge. The latter isn’t fully fit: rule him out. Agüero; done nothing since returning from injury; too early in my opinion but after the Chelsea game he’s a contender. Costa: A lot of people disagree with me here, I think he’s a must have. 17 goals in 19 games talks for itself, doesn’t it?

If you’re going for one >10m striker I’d recommend Costa right now. He has the form with 5 goals in his last 5 games in the Premier League. Meanwhile Aguero since returning from injury has gone 4 games without a goal. (This is including the friendly against Hamburg on the 21st and Middlesbrough in the FA Cup)

That being said if you’re going for two big boys: Costa and Kun all day long. Sergio’s form will certainly pick up given his history. To be honest, I think the vast majority of Fantasy Premier League managers will be going with this approach with a cheap striker to accompany them. This is where the more interesting discussion begins:

Which <10m strikers are the best options?

I’m going to sum up what I think are the best options with a sentence or so:

Austin: I think his bubble has burst, his goal scoring record cannot continue in my opinion.

Pelle: Similar, to Austin. No rotation risk yet I still don’t think he’s worth it.

Kane: Has form and is a bargain but due a dry spell. Bare in mind Europa League will effect Spurs greatly

Berahino: Worth considering like the rest however he is a streaky player (goals come in patches)

Ings: Similar to Berahino but I’d avoid him despite 3 goals in 3.

Lukaku: Poor points wise & expensive.

Giroud: If you want a differential, he could prove a good pick!

Bojan: Bojan has some attractive fixtures coming up, he could be worth a punt!

Valencia/Carroll: West Ham impressive yet Downing offers better value for them, + hard fixtures.

Gayle: Looks impressive but minutes may be limited with Chamakh, Murray and Campbell to compete with.

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