SHITHOUSE XI – Gameweek 27 & 28

The Shithouse XI have continued to live up to their name over the past couple of gameweeks as the point tallies achieved are massively below average. In gameweek 26, the team scored 10 points below average, 32 to be precise.


Apart from a Diouf goal (which earned him all 3 bonus points that game too) and a Brown clean sheet, the Shithouse XI have nothing to be proud about. Morgan was our stand out player as him and Leicester play out a 2-2 draw with Everton. As a result of this match, he achieved 0 points.



Gameweek 27 didn’t turn out any better for the team as only Krul brought substantial points to the team with a clean sheet. The team scored 22 points, 12 points below average. Our stand out player was Wes Brown. He picked up a red card in the game against United in an infamous incident of mistaken identity and as a result, got -2 added to (or subtracted from) the tally.



Tim Krul – our justification for his placement in the team was that Newcastle were not performing up to scratch. We feel a bit harsh for having him in the team for so long so we have gone and removed him.


Brad Guzan – It is Villa who have been massively out of form recently so as a result, Guzan is our replacement for the outgoing Krul.



We went ahead and captained Livermore ahead of his home fixture against Sunderland. Fortunately for us, and more often than not this has been the case this season, it paid off as he had no input on Hull’s goal at the KC last night.

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