SHITHOUSE XI – Gameweek 35

The double gameweek is over and the SHITHOUSE XI have scored a below average score once again! 44 points for the week, being 8 points below the overall average and once again, RED arrows! Here is how the team did:



Green – So can you believe it… 6 points and a clean sheet! Rob, what are you playing at?


Morgan – Although Wes had a double gameweek this week, we didn’t expect him to score this amount of points, especially with one of these fixtures against Chelsea.

O’Shea – John and Sunderland did us proud this week. A yellow card and 1-1 draw against Stoke resulted in a single point!

Shawcross – After scoring 7 points the week before last, Ryan is back to his usual with 4 points in two weeks! 2 this week with a solid performance, well done Ryan!


Cattermole – Lee did what he is good at… A yellow card and nothing else, 1 point.

Jones – 90 minutes played and a solid performance as the captain of the team. 4 points, we couldn’t ask for much more here, apart from a possible booking – maybe next week!

Gardner – So, a standard 3 points for playing, could we ask for more? Well done Craig!

N’Zonzi – Once again, 2 points for playing… Well done Steve, standard performance from the lad!


Zamora – QPR continue their terrific performance in the Shithouse XI, with Bobby picking up a knock and leaving the field at 66 minutes, meaning a standard 2 points!

Ideye – The West Brom forward just played 16 minutes this week meaning a solitary point.

Vardy – What is Vardy playing at? A goal and an assist over the 2 games this week… He may just have to depart from the team if he continues this form!

Gameweek 35:

So with the new gamweek on its way, we look to pick up a record low points total! Here is how we line up:

shithouse xi

So, no changes this week…


Gardner – After 16 points over the past three gameweeks, it is now Craig Garnder’s turn too prove why he is in the team!

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