WoofBet Bloggers of the Month – Week 3

This week saw the return of the WoofBet Blogger of the Month competition and you will all be glad to hear that FPL Updates are no longer propping up the table. FPL Avids made a tactical error and paid for it, as the Updates team rose above Avids into 13th, with Avids sitting one point behind and in 14th. Meanwhile at the top FPLnOracle carried on his fine form, hopefully we can somehow catch him…

So here is the FPL Updates line up for this week:


This week we took out Phillips and brought in the man of the moment Bolasie. Hopefully he can continue his fine form this week.

At the back we have started Bertrand and Davis for the second week in a row. Helpfully they will again reward us with a double clean sheet this week. Alongside them we have started Lescott and Walker who have games against Crystal Palace and Newcastle respectively. Realistically, we will be lucky to get a clean sheet between these two, especially as Walker will face a last minute fitness test, but hopefully they can grab some attacking points for us this week.

In the middle of the park we start Hazard, Siggurdsson, Silva and new boy Bolasie. Hazard has a tough game against Manchester United, but with the form he is in, I would put money on him producing some points. Sigurdsson and Silva have fixtures against Leicester City and West Ham, which seem good on paper. Meanwhile our new boy Bolasie faces West Brom, which will either be high scoring or a stale mate, either way we have Lescott and Bolasie in the team…

Finally up top we start an unchanged; Kane, Aguero and Remy. Last week Remy disappointed us as he was reported injured at the last minute, but hopefully he will feature this week as he could be a massive differential. Meanwhile we were rewarded in keeping Aguero, as he grabbed two goals and this week is our captain, whilst Kane remains the vice.

Now onto FPL Avids and his team:


Just a quick recap: WHY DID IBENCH BOLASIE!?!? 3 goals, 1 assists and MOTM 3 bonus points performance, what a disaster! So after a promising start I’ve fell from 6th to 14th meaning my tournament’s all but overs regarding a cash return.

Thus meaning I’m basically going to thrown caution to the wind.

Myhill starts ahead of Fabianski this week with a reasonable fixture against Crystal Palace. Frankly Pulis needs to step up against a free scoring Palace and we could see a shock clean sheet here. Lescott has also earned himself a starting place and pipped Rose and Moreno to the post. Terry starts at home to United and Bertrand also starts away to Stoke.

In midfield Hazard, Silva, Eriksen & Sigurdsson all start again. Besides Hazard they are all still not performing to their potential. Bolasie is on the bench. After his 24 points haul that sat nicely on my bench I doubt he can repeat his feat.

Up front I stick with Harry Kane but I believe the bandwagon wheels are starting to fall off. Berahino remains in the team, why did I transfer him in last week? And my transfer is again utilised in the strikers. Rooney makes way for Agüero. I believe after his dry spell he’ll surge on and with 2 nice home games to finish the competition, this is the right time to pick him up!

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