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Gameweek 37 saw green arrows (JUST!) for the Differentials XI, as they hit bang on average after the -8 hit we took, so you could say the transfers paid off. We did play the bench boost, which was somewhat unrewarding. 2 points gained, but once again the team was hit with some injuries and a bit of luck wouldn’t go a miss!

Before we look at the team any further, here is how the team looked at the end of the gameweek:

Differentials XI

So both of our goalkeepers flopped. Adrian picked up an injury in the previous game against West Brom and Courtois was deemed ‘ill’ by Chelsea for the game against Liverpool, a game which saw Begovic make a horrendous mistake to gift Liverpool a late equaliser so hopefully Courtois will be back in between the sticks this week. At the back we saw Moreno deliver a beautiful 9 points, however that’s as good as it got in defence as Simpson, Dawson, Walker and Wollscheid managed just 5 points between them!

In the middle of the park we saw Antonio pick up a brilliant goal in what was West Ham’s final Premier League game at the Boleyn Ground. Willian and Townsend picked up 3 points each, which was somewhat disappointing as Willian did have a double gameweek, so we did expect him to outscore the Newcastle midfielder. Finally, our captain, Cesc Fabregas. Just 4 points from the double gameweeker means a poor fantasy performance from the Spainiard, but we were very close to playing the triple captain chip on him, so we could view it as a bullet dodged.

Finally, up top is where we scored most of our points this week. Defoe and Deeney managed 22 points between them! If only we had given one of them the captain’s armband! Sturridge on the other hand only played one game out of the two, scoring a measly 2 points.

Gameweek 38 see’s us make a few changes to the line up and we are also using our triple captain chip! So, the transfers:

Giroud (IN) -> Defoe (OUT)

Rooney (IN) -> Sturridge (OUT)

With that being said, here is how we line up:

FPL Differentials

Starting XI: Courtois (6.5%), Moreno (8.3%), Wollscheid (2.7%), Walker (3.5%), Townsend (2.4%), Fabregas (6.6%), Antonio (4.8%), Mane (5.1), Giroud (8.0%), Deeney (6.9%), Rooney (8.1%)

Bench: Adrian (4.1%), Dawson (3.3%), Willian (8.7%), Simpson (7.2%)

With it being the final gameweek we have gone all out… Triple captain Giroud… Hopefully it will be green arrows for us to see us hit our top 50% target!

Best of luck!

Written by FPL Ghost


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