FPL 15/16 – New features: Chips

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Fantasy Premier League launched earlier, for the 2015/2016 season, and along with that came a new feature. “Chips” have been introduced by FPL this season, which are practically one-time boosts you can use during a season. The three chips you can use are the “All Out Attack“, “Triple Captain” and “Bench Boost” – however the format of the wildcards has also changed and wildcards are now also a chip. The introduction of these chips has the potential to allow fantasy managers to achieve unbelievable and unprecedented gameweek points.

All out Attack

This chip allows you to field a 2-5-3 formation for one individual gameweek, meaning you can play two defenders, five midfielders and three strikers. This is a pretty useful tactic if your defenders have tough fixtures or if you just cannot fathom benching any of your midfielders and strikers. It is worth noting that if you use this chip and one of your midfielders/strikers does not play, then a defender will be substituted in and you will essentially have wasted the chip.

Triple Captain

This one looks very appealing – when it is activated it will triple your captain’s points for the selected gameweek, as opposed to the orthodox doubling of points. If your captain does not play, then the boost will take place on your vice-captain. Again, if your captain and vice-captain do not feature, you do not get to use this chip again and it becomes lost. I would suggest using this boost during a double gameweek on a usually high-scoring player with good fixtures.

Bench Boost

The “Bench Boost” feature looks to be one that will be admired by many FPL managers who choose 15 starting players in their teams, as opposed to sacrificing a few places for cheap players that do not play in order to afford more expensive players. This chip basically allows your bench players’ points to be added to your total gameweek points for the week that you play the chip in. Again, it could be a chip that managers will want to save for double gameweeks and load up their bench with DGW players. Similarly, if your bench players do not feature then the chip will not be returned to you.


As mentioned above, wildcards have been converted into chips and the January wildcard is now history. Instead, you may use two wildcards during the course of the season – one between Gameweek 1 and Gameweek 19 and the other after this deadline until the end of the season. So if you want to use your first wildcard, make sure to use it before the deadline on the 28th of December.

Finally, keep in mind that you cannot use these chips in combination in one individual gameweek, and that you may only use each of these chips once (apart from the wildcard), so make sure to think carefully before gambling away your chips!

By The Arsenal.


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