FPL Dilemma – Juan Mata vs Memphis Depay

With the arrival of Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven, it opens a “bag of worms” for any Fantasy Premier League manager to mull over. Do you go for fantasy football proven Juan Mata or the “new kid” on the block, Memphis Depay?

Juan Mata

The Spaniard had a very impressive season for the Red Devils last season at a price of 8.5m. With a total of 9 goals scored and 4 assists during the course of last season and acquiring 138 points, Mata was one of the vital cogs within the squad and Louis van Gaal’s “process” of getting Manchester United back into the Champions League positions. Mata offers pace and the ability to place a ball wherever his team mates may need it. But Louis van Gaal may at times, play Juan out of position, which will ultimately bring an air of caution for potential fantasy managers picking Juan Mata.

Memphis Depay

Coming into his first Premier League campaign with Manchester United, us fantasy football managers have placed a lot of faith in Memphis Depay. This is understandable as Memphis not only comes with a heavy price of 8.5m, but 24.5% of us have also picked him in our gameweek 1 squads. This mainly comes from the fact that the midfielder was the Eredvisie top-scorer last season. It does pose the question however; Are we placing too much faith in Depay or are we all on the money? Louis van Gaal brought him in because he likes his style of play and thinks it suits United, so we will all be hoping for some goals and assists this campaign from the Dutchman.

Who to choose?

Both players have a similar price tag coming into this season, with both having the ability to score and assist their team-mates. Manchester United’s first six games are: Tottenham (H), Aston Villa (A), Newcastle (H), Swansea (A), Liverpool (H) and Southampton (A). Three exciting fixtures and three wary fixtures for the Red Devils in gameweeks 1–6. Keep this in mind. Like I said before, van Gaal has been known to play Mata out of position and he likes the way Depay links up play with his teammates. These factors considered, I would recommend going with the new boy, Memphis Depay.

FPL Dilemma Result: Memphis Depay

By Dave.


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