The FPL Sprint – Gameweek 27 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

With just over 10 Fantasy Premier League gameweeks left, many FPL managers are preparing for ‘the FPL sprint’, as they try to pick up as many points as they can in the final gameweeks and more importantly, try to climb to the summit of those mini leagues.

The sprint – We have heard it before, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint”. It’s true, until now. It’s now time to start sprinting! It’s now the time to start making calculated moves. We now know which teams will blank in gameweek 27 and gameweek 30, with more potential blanks to come in gameweek 35. However, with blanks comes the double gameweeks, everyone’s favourite!

Below are some thoughts on how to approach the the final 12 games:

WC and other Chips:

  • If you still have your WC, great! Stop, don’t even think about using it until we know more about any DGWs. It’s highly likely that DGWs will be in GW34 and GW37 but we will know more soon. Hold tight, then make sure that your team has as many players as possible playing twice! Doesn’t matter which teams are playing, last year Phillips, Austin and Benteke stole the show!
  • Remember that you can only use one chip per GW. Planning has never been so vital! Using your other chips wisely will be the difference in where you finish.
  • Bench Boost will be the main chip in my opinion! When you choose your squad with a WC, you must have 15 playing players.
  • If you don’t have your WC, no need to panic but planning your moves becomes even more vital. Taking -4 hits isn’t a massive issue in a DGW. Don’t be shy of doing it!


  • Differentials are huge at this stage. They are a gamble that if it works out you will be laughing. It all depends on what your aim is; finishing with a rank that is as high as possible, or win your mini league(s). For example, if you are chasing in your mini league, you need to be careful with what a differential really is. A player can be globally owned by less than 10%, but owned by all those above you in your mini league. In that case, is that player really a differential?

Watch outs

  • 2 match suspensions – Those yellow cards are adding up. When buying a player make sure he isn’t close to 10 bookings.
  • Rotation – Stay away from those players who are not regulars or could be rested. If a team has nothing to play for in the league then they might rest players for cup/European games.
  • Hold your moves – It’s now more important than ever to get those moves right! Don’t make early moves. Wait till the last minute if you can. Keep some spare change to offset price drops and rises.

I hope you find this helpful, good luck in your sprint!

Written by Marz


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