S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 37 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

As the end of the season draws in, we couldn’t be happier with the S**thouse XI. Although the team managed a high score of 29 FPL points, we still gained more red arrows and a rank drop that places me comfortably at 3,528,521, which is amazing. A score that could have been lower might I add if it wasn’t for the heroics that came out of nowhere from Jack Cork of Swansea. So with a triple captain chip left that I am saving for the season finale, I will walk you through my gameweek 36 points and let you in on the team for the big double gameweek this weekend.



Boruc – 2 points from the Bournemouth keeper and it could have been a lot worse playing the out of form Everton so I’ll take that.


Kaboul – 2 points again from the Sunderland man was also a great score considering his opponents!

Mbemba – He kept a clean sheet which is against the rules, as he knows, but he did try and reduce that by getting booked. 5 points.

Cook – Thank god Steve is keeping quiet again which is the reason I brought him in!

Lescott – A solid member of the Sh*thouse XI! 1 point.


Captain Wanyama – 2 points doubled is 4 meaning it was a wise captaincy choice, even if his team did outplay Manchester City.

Cattermole – Love this guy, gives us all hope. 2 points again.

Cork – There was talk about extending the 3C’s (Coquelin Colback Cattermole) to Jack but not now. Chance wasted, 8 points.

Coquelin – Out of favour at Arsenal but you can always count on him to come on and pick up a valid 1 point.


Berahino – A single for the most over rated striker I’ve ever known.

Jerome – Doubled his partner’s score with a whopping 2 points. Calm down there Jerome!!

Now onto this week, here is how we line up:



Gomis (OUT) -> Adebayor (IN)

This week I have sold Gomis as he is so useless he isn’t even getting appearance points.

Captain – This week it goes to Lescott, who else!

Good Luck all and save those reds for me!

Written by Matty Kaye


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