S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 33 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

This an absolute dream season for my maiden voyage on the Sh**thouse XI ship. Just when I think my weekly FPL scores can’t get any better, or worse depending on which lens your looking through, it does! I can finally count on two hands the amount of points my set of simpletons actually scored! 7 fingers is all I need as that’s how many points I recorded! With a total of 7 fantasy premier league points, I am now in the bottom 0.6% of all teams that started in gameweek 1. Only one player failed to play too which meant this fabulous score wasn’t a result of all my players being injured. So with a finishing rank of 3,493,740, I am nearing ever closer to that 3.5 million mark!



Boruc – A single point again from Artur, which is becoming a standard response from the Bournemouth Keeper.


Steven Taylor – Another single point from my Newcastle quota means it was another sucessfull week for him.

Cook – Zero Points, it gets better as Steve concedes 4 goals!

Lescott – Zero again from my first Villa defender, can I ask for much more?

Captain Hutton – YES I CAN, minus 6 from the captain, which is the S**THOUSE equivalent of Triple Captaining Aguero in gameweek 8! Over the moon!

Total Defensive Points – Minus 4!


Yacob – Claudio is again my top scorer with 3 points, I’ll need to have words with him this week…

Coquelin – Okay, joint top scorer as the Arsenal midfield general notches up another 3 points.

Cattermole – Another 3 points means it’s a triple of three’s from my midfield! Letting the side down a bit here, although it could be worse!


Ulloa – Keeping up the tradition of super 1 point sub.

Agbonlahor – Failure to play any minutes and no sub available. He theregfore didn’t contribute to my score this week.

Jerome – 6 minutes played, 1 point.

Now onto this weeks team:


Transfers – Its Wildcard week as I want to make sure I only field 15 Bench Boosted players in the big double gameweek next week.

Captain – Wolly, or Wally as I hope his name develops, takes the armband with Liverpool being the hosts.

Good luck all and save those red arrows for me!

Written by Matty Kaye


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