Euro 2016 Fantasy Football – Football Fanager Tips

With Euro 2016 on the horizon, this only means one thing… Euro 2016 Fantasy Football is coming soon too and we are teaming up with Football Fanager, and we invite all of our readers and members to join us too!

For those that remember, back in 2014 we joined those over at Football Fanager to bring you a Premier League fantasy football game with some big cash prizes. This summer they have come up with a Euro 2016 fantasy football game which has various leagues that will keep you entertained over the Premier League summer break.

Over 25,000 have signed up to register for Euro 2016 game so far, so we would like to invite you back once again to play Euro 2016 fantasy football with us this summer. Playing Fanager will help keep your FPL managerial skills in good condition and hopefully win you some cash whilst you’re at it.

Whilst the all-new game isn’t live yet, they have created a registration page for everyone, which allows users to submit a name and email address. This registration will ensure that you do not miss out on any of the games progress. No bank or credit card details are required, just your name and email address!

We will be running various Euro 2016 leagues, in which we can all play against each other, hopefully win some cash and earn those all important bragging rights. The first league that we know for certain that we will be running is a FREE entry, £10,000 cash prize league, in which to finish in the money you will need to rank in the top 25% of fantasy managers.

Euro 2016 Fantasy Football - Football Fanager Tips

Registration is completely FREE, so if you’re interested in joining us for a summer filled of Euro 2016 fantasy football, then please hit the Fanager banner below and submit your name & email address – It takes less than 30 seconds, we promise!

We, of course, will be playing the game this summer, a long with all of our writers and social media staff. We will be joined by the majority of the large FPL Twitter accounts, such as Fantasy Football Pundits, FPL Avids and many other recognised names from the FPL community.

Stay tuned to our Twitter page for daily updates and please join us today!

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