10 Tips For 10 Gameweeks

Welcome all, to a short article with 10 tips for 10 gameweeks, your last 10 gameweeks, to ensure green arrows by the end of the campaign. We are now at the latter stage of the season so green arrows are now more important than ever. Let’s get to it…

Tip #1:

Avoiding point hits unless absolutely necessary. Frankly, at this point in the season taking hits isn’t overly worth it unless you have 4 injured or suspended players. The reason for this is you have a very small number of gameweeks to recover the points lost by the hits.

Tip #2:

Use your full squad budget if possible. This may seem a little bit obvious but there is no point having money locked up in the bank. If you’ve got the funds, use them. Splash out the cash to have Hazard in your team over Fabregas or Silva over Nasri, I’m sure you get my drift.

Tip #3:

This one is a rule that’s important throughout the season but even more so at this point in the campaign. Form v fixtures. I’m not going to overly explain myself on this one. Just do a little bit of research on players before clicking that confirm button. Look at their next 5 games and what sort of current form they are on.

Tip #4:

Analyse your captaincy choice. Similar to the previous point look at form and fixtures. Look at statistics such as shots per game, touches and passes to maximise the opportunity of your captain getting goals, assists and those all important bonus points.

Tip #5:

Minimise the gambles. This point ties into all previous. Hits; are they worth the risk? Captaining a defender; worth it? If you make a bad decision there isn’t a lot of time to catch up on it! Choose your gambles wisely.

Tip #6:

Transfer timing. It’s at this time in the season with FA Cup and Champions League coming into play many early transfers can backfire. Players can get injured midweek unexpectedly. Or, for example, Chelsea v PSG: Chelsea play 120 minutes on Wednesday night. Is it ideal to transfer a Chelsea player in before Sunday’s game? Probably not, they’ll be knackered for it and there may even be some rotation.

Tip #7:

Plan for double gameweeks (DGWs). As seen by DGW28 it’s worth capitalising on them. Kane would have given you 30 points if you captained him, which a lot of FPLUpdates.com readers did with our captaincy advice. Chelsea & Leicester have a DGW in week 34 so that’s certainly one to watch out for. Perhaps Terry, Hazard and Costa could be the way to go for that week.

Tip #8:

Similarly, watch out for blank gameweeks. This is when a team doesn’t play on a certain week. This looks certain to happen with Arsenal and other FA Cup teams still in the competition in gameweek 33, so I wouldn’t advise over-loading on their players until after that week.

Tip #9:

Linking to Tip #8, you have to have a strong bench for cases like gameweek 33. If your team has 2 or 3 Arsenal and other FA Cup involved teams, you could be in trouble. I’d suggest your bench is full of the cheapest guaranteed starters possible to ensure adequate cover and thus again minimise hits.

Tip #10:

Be sure to follow us on twitter and keep an eye out for articles each gameweek, which will hopefully give you other ideas and plans to see more of those green arrows before the end of the season!

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