2 In 2 Out

Here is the second edition of 2 In 2 Out after a successful first attempt. I’d like to thank Danny Welbeck for racking up some points against Aston Villa, which made my suggestion to transfer him in a good one! I’d also like to thank Yaya Toure and Bojan for doing absolutely nothing and making my 2 Out’s a good prediction. Cabella on the other hand, we’ll forget about him. Anyways, let’s get on with it.


Leonardo Ulloa (Leicester, Forward, 5.7m)
This is an obvious suggestion after his recent form, but I have to emphasise how impressed I have been with Leonardo Ulloa. I watched him at Brighton several times and it was clear to see he had plenty of goals in him, but admittedly I was unsure that he’d ever have Premier League goals in him. Ulloa’s stats are unbelievable; in the 5 games Leicester have played, Ulloa has started all of them, had 11 shots and has scored 5 of them. This in my opinion is an extremely good record and the fact that he’s started all of the games shows that he will be a safe signing. Another reason this is a good time to get Ulloa in your team is because his price is guaranteed to rise and I can see it rising up to at least 6m. Leicester’s next 3 fixtures are Crystal Palace (A), Burnley (H) and Newcastle (A) and with these fixtures, it’s definitely worth the risk at a cheap price of 5.7m. The only thing that’s going to stop Ulloa scoring more goals is an injury or a suspension!

Ryan Bertrand (Southampton, Defender, 5.1m)
With 3 clean sheets in 5 games, Southampton have the joint most clean sheets along with Burnley and Aston Villa. I don’t think anyone expected that record and Ryan Bertrand would be a very smart signing for any FPL team for a variety of reasons. Firstly, he’s played every minute of every game for Southampton so far, making the signing a lot more secure. Secondly, Southampton’s next 4 fixtures are QPR (H), Spurs (A), Sunderland (H) and Stoke (H). I can easily see Southampton keeping a clean sheet in all of the home fixtures if they keep it tight at the back, and a 0-0 draw could be on the cards against Spurs. I’m not saying they’ll keep 4 clean sheets out of 4, but at a price of 5.1m it should be an easy decision considering that Bertrand is cheaper than both Chelsea and Man City’s back four. Ryan Bertrand is clearly making the most of the first team football he rarely had at Chelsea and I can see him making his loan spell at Southampton a very successful one.


David De Gea (Man United, Goalkeeper, 5.5m)
When I saw that De Gea was the 4th most picked goalkeeper with 14.8% of managers having him in their team, I was shocked. I think it goes without saying that Man United have a Champions League attack and a Europa League defence – and that’s me being nice. Why would you pay 5.5m for a goalkeeper that conceded 5 against Leicester? David De Gea is a very good young goalkeeper, and was by far Man United’s best player last season, but fantasy football is about scoring points and the defence in front of him will not allow De Gea to the amount of points a 5.5m goalkeeper should achieve. One of my main beliefs why De Gea should be transferred out is because of the other goalkeepers you could buy for the same price or even cheaper. A prime example is Fraser Forster – He’s 5m, very reliable and you will have a valuable 0.5m leftover to improve your team. From a personal point of view I really do rate David De Gea, but from a fantasy football point of view, he needs to go!

Emmanuel Adebayor (Spurs, Forward, 8.6m)
Adebayor has bags of Premier League experience and I can understand why 8.6% of managers have chosen him. However, he has only managed to get 1 goal to his name in 5 games, and for a striker of a price of 8.6m, it’s not good enough! If Adebayor made up for his lack of goals with assists then I would let him off, but he’s only got 2 assists to his name, which isn’t that bad but once again for 8.6m, it isn’t what I’d expect. If you’re not fully convinced to take Adebayor out of your team yet then maybe seeing what Spurs’ next 3 fixtures are will help: Arsenal (A), Southampton (H) and Man City (A). It’s either going to go one of two ways with these fixtures; he’ll either make me look a fool and score against both of his former clubs or he’ll be kept quiet by 3 very strong sides. In fantasy football 8.6m is very expensive for a player and getting rid of Adebayor is guaranteed to give you enough money spare to buy a better replacement, such as; Pelle (7.6m), Welbeck (7.1m) or Ulloa (5.7m). Taking into consideration the reasons I’ve given, Adebayor has to go!

Tom Mellor.

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