FPL Updates XI – Game-week 6

Game-week 5 turned out to be really promising for FPL Updates XI scoring a total of 64 points, being 28 above average. This ensured we climbed to within the top 75,000 in the overall rankings and 89th in the FPL_Updates league.

Anyway, this is how the team looked:


Unfortunately both Green and Krul flopped, both scoring a solitary point each. However, all 3 of our defenders picked up clean sheets, scoring 20 points between them.

In midfield, our captain Di Maria returned 22 points, despite Manchester United’s loss to Leicester, along with Sterling grabbing 10!

There wasn’t much more to mention as Rooney picked up 4 points, with the others getting 2 or less. When a points tally of 60+ rolls around, you’d expect Diego Costa having something to do with it following his lightening start to the season. However, against tough opponents Manchester City in game-week 5, he was only able to secure himself a single point.

So not a bad points haul considering our strikers didn’t fire. Despite comments of having a poor defence, it was definitely a week to rely on clean sheets and a smart captaincy choice! So, onto game-week 6 and the transfer:

Adebayor (OUT) -> Pelle (IN)

Looking at Adebayor’s fixtures, we felt it may be better to go for a safer option and put our faith in an in-form Pelle. He has 3 goals for the season and his next fixture is against QPR. His run of games could be worse with the majority of them being “winnable” fixtures. With Spurs struggling for consistent form, and with Arsenal & City within the next 3 game-weeks, we felt it would be wise to follow Tom Mellor’s 2 in 2 out advice and remove Adebayor.

Anyway, this is how we line-up in full for game-week 6:


This week we have started with Krul in goal. Despite Newcastle struggling to find form and Tim Krul fighting off an illness, we think Krul has a better chance out of our two keepers of keeping a clean sheet. Green faces Southampton at St Marys which will be a tough fixture to come away from with any points.

At the back we have Moore, van Aanholt and Wisdom. All have reasonable fixtures and hopefully they can give similar returns to last week.

In the middle of the park we name an unchanged 4: Di Maria, Sterling, Sigurdsson and Fabregas.

We have the usual 3 strikers in our formation but this time, we welcome Pelle to our starting XI. He is joined by Costa & Rooney.

Finally, the responsibility of the captain’s armband has been handed to Costa this week, as he is playing against Villa and was fully rested mid-week. Can he out do Di Maria’s 11 points last week?

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