2 In 2 Out

FINALLY! The end of the Premier League season has arrived, the final gameweek, but most importantly the final 2 In 2 Out article of the season. If you are a clear winner of your personal leagues you’re in with your mates, well played and join the club! If you’re still in it to win it and the final gameweek will decide it, then make sure you read this article, put your trust in me and thank me later! It’s been a great season and we’ve had some great suggestions and some shockers, but it’s been fun along the way!

Let’s get on with the suggestions.


Christian Benteke (Aston Villa, Forward, 7.9m)

Christian Benteke is on FIRE, whatever Tim Sherwood has been making him eat or drink I would love to know and find some of it! The Belgium forward has currently scored 11 goals in his last 10 games, which is not bad at all! With Aston Villa facing an already buried Burnley at Villa Park, Benteke will be looking to finish his season with a few more goals and to keep the momentum going into the FA Cup final against Arsenal. Benteke vs Burnley at home? You’d fancy a goal wouldn’t you? Go for it! He’s only 7.9m and it’s the last gameweek of the season so don’t worry about saving money and get Benteke in your team.

Jamie Vardy (Leicester City, Forward, 4.6m)

My last suggestion was made because a certain player is on fire, this suggestion is because a team is on fire. Leicester have had a fantastic end to the season and have absolutely smashed their fixtures in April and May, out of the possible 24 points to be claimed they took 19 of them which is the reason they have made the “great escape”. Jamie Vardy is a player that has been involved in all of these games in the run in and has gone quite unnoticed, he’s picked up 12 assists this season so far which is very impressive! Leicester are playing against a relegated QPR side at home, you would expect them to win and do it in style to celebrate staying up in front of a packed home crowd. At only 4.6m, Jamie Vardy is a player you will be able to afford and be able to gain points on other managers as only 4.8% of managers have him! Take a risk, it’s the end of the season!


Charlie Austin (QPR, Forward, 6.2m)

Charlie Austin, he’s had a brilliant season in a very fragile team and the 17 goals and 8 assists he has picked up this season doesn’t lie. But having said that, QPR are already down and they have an away game against Leicester who are on fire and I question whether QPR and Austin will be as up for it as the home side. A huge 16.6% of you fantasy football managers have him in your teams and I believe you should take him out for the last game and replace him with a player that’s either playing at home with an end of season party atmosphere or a striker that needs to score goals this weekend to keep his side safe from relegation. Charlie Austin has had a brilliant season and I’m certain he will be playing for a Premier League club next season, but it’s time to bring him out.

David De Gea (Manchester United, Goalkeeper, 5.9m)

David De Gea is the most selected goalkeeper with a huge 23.7% of managers with him in their teams. De Gea came off “injured” in possibly his last match at Old Trafford and possibly his last match of the season as he may not start away at Hull. Even If he did start away at Hull, the Yorkshire side NEED to win that game to have any chance of staying up and will be throwing the kitchen sink at Man United, meaning that the clean sheet is unlikely. The extra 4 points that a clean sheet brings could be vital in your leagues so take into consideration changing your goalkeepers around for the final gameweek of the season. Although he’s had a great season, the injury he has and the fixture coming up makes David De Gea my final suggestion for you to bring out of your team.

So that’s it, 2 In 2 Out is finished for the 14/15 season. I do hope it has brought you more green arrows than red and you have enjoyed reading.

Let’s hope this final edition brings bags of points and we can finish the fantasy football season in style. Good luck!

Tom Mellor


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