Captaincy Analysis – Game-week 3

So game-week two has passed, and now we are all looking forward to the next! If you managed to pick a good captain last week, congratulations!

Firstly, looking at last weeks picks, they didn’t do too bad, but could have been better. Anyway, here’s how they did:
Pick 1 – Diego Costa – 6 points
Pick 2 – Wayne Rooney – 2 points
The Differential – Gylfi Sigurdsson – 5 points
The Gamble – Raheem Sterling – 2 points

So, on the the next week, who to captain…

1. Wayne Rooney (BUR)

So with Manchester United playing Burnley, surely this is the perfect game for Louis van Gaal and his team to grab their first win of the season. This has to benefit those owners of Wayne Rooney, as he should be grabbing a goal or two, along with any possible assists. The fact that Robin van Persie also managed to play for more than 45 minutes against Sunderland also should benefit Rooney.

2. Aaron Ramsey (LEI)

Ramsey and Arsenal are set to face Leicester City in game-week 3, and although Leicester City have proved they are no push over, we expect Arsenal to grab a win here. With the form of the Welsh wizard, we expect Ramsey to play some part in the majority of Arsenal’s goals.

Differential – Romelu Lukaku (CHE)

So Everton’s new striker is to play against his former team in game-week 3, and he could cause a massive upset. After leaving the club for a fee of £27 million, he may have some other motives to get on the score-sheet in this fixture.

Gamble – Sergio Aguero (STK)

The Argentine is just coming back from injury, so whether or not he will start is unclear. However, with a goals to minute ratio of 1 in every 113.1 minute (highest ever – 20 goal min) you could be rewarded handsomely if you took this option.

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