Differentials XI – Game-week 5

Game-week 4 was an odd one for FPL Updates Differentials XI, but this is how we ended up:


It was a strange game-week in the sense that at half-time of the 3pm Saturday kick-offs, the team was easily above average after big points from Pelle, Tadic and Demichelis. However, the team must have left their shooting boots in the changing rooms as there weren’t many additional points from there onwards. The team ended up with 42 points, 10 points below average which was somewhat unfortunate considering the start they made. Our captaincy choice also flopped as Balotelli blanked and in hindsight, we would have been better off giving the armband to Pelle.

Anyway onto the next game-week and here are the changes:
Balotelli (OUT) -> van Persie (IN)
Arnautovic (OUT) -> Herrera (IN)

This week we have been forced to remove Balotelli as his ownership shot over 5%, and we also took a -4 point hit to take out the out of favour Arnautovic. Here is how we line up:


This week we start with Rob Green in goal, as he looks to have the marginally easier fixture at home to Stoke. Hopefully Rob can help us out here with a clean sheet.

This week we start again with a back three of Trippier, van Aanholt and Mertesacker. All three have winnable games and more importantly, games in which they ‘could’ keep a clean sheet.

In the middle of the park we are giving Herrera his debut for the team, alongside Cazorla, Tadic and Lamela. All we can hope here is that all continue their good form and pick up some points, but one thing to note here is that Cazorla seems to like the bench at the moment, so step up Santi or we may have to give you the boot.

Up top we have Zarate, RVP and Pelle, who all have fixtures in which they could bag a goal. With Pelle’s goal last week we have high hopes for him to help us out again this week. Zarate has gone a little off the boil, but hopefully he can rekindle that goal scoring form. Alongside him we have RVP who gets his debut for the team.

Finally, this week we have given the captaincy to the Dutchman, and we expect Robin van Persie to grab a goal or two against Leicester City, especially with the supply he will be getting from Di Maria.

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