Differentials XI – Gameweek 11

This week was an exactly average week for the FPL Updates Differentials XI, after the team picked up exactly 43 points! The team actually climbed up ranks and here is how the team looked:


So as we can see we picked the perfect keeper this week as Ben Foster was the Dream Team keeper for game-week 10, so this was a nice bonus this week. Alongside him we picked up 12 points from our defence; 2 points from Johnson, 4 points from van Aanholt and 6 points from Mertesacker. This in itself wasn’t a bad return, but we had both van Aanholt and Rojo pick up shoulder injuries, so this may have to be adressed.

In midfield Victor Moses kept up his form and brought the team home another 7 points. Alongside him Lamela picked up an assist, bringing in 4 points. Puncheon unfortunately didn’t start and when he came on he didn’t have much of an impact and he only scored a single point. Finally, Santi brought in his usual 3 points, what would the game-week be without his usual 2/3 points!

Our 3 strikers did absolutely nothing and to make things worse we captained one of them. Need I say more?

So onto the change:

Rojo (OUT) -> Alderweireld (IN)

This week we took out the injured Rojo for Southampton’s Alderweireld who is only owned by 1.0% of managers. Here is how the team looks:


Starting XI: Foster (4.5%), Trippier (1.1%), Johnson (0.8%), Alderweireld (1.0%), Mertesacker (3.9%), Barkley (4.2%), Cazorla (1.7%), Moses (0.6%), Lamela (2.3%), Adebayor (3.2%), van Persie (2.1%)

Bench: Green (1.8%), Puncheon (2.8%), Vardy (1.6%), van Aanholt (1.5%)

This week we are sticking with Ben Foster, hoping he can keep us another clean sheet and bring in a few extra points for the team. Alongside him we start; Trippier, Johnson, Alderweireld and Mertesacker. Hopefully there will be some clean sheets here, and help push the team back up the ranks.

We start 4 across the middle this week; Barkley, Cazorla, Moses and Lamela. Hopefully this week Barkley will find some of the form he was used to and pick up a goal or an assist. Cazorla will obviously bring in his standard 1-3 points! Victor Moses and Erik Lamela are facing off this week, so we can only hope that there are plenty of goals!

Up top we just start with Adebayor and van Persie. Both have fixtures in which they could do well, especially van Persie who faces the out of form Crystal Palace. It is for this reason that we have given him the captain’s armband too. Do us proud Robin!

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