Differentials XI – Gameweek 25

Unfortunately a number of selected players failed to start for their respective sides and only made 20 minute cameos or scored a BIG FAT ZERO. As a result, the outcome of gameweek 24 was less pleasing then we had hoped however we were grateful to see green arrows and an above average score of 39 (with the average being 38).


Above you can see how the team performed. Pantillimon managed to bag 4 points despite conceding a goal against Swansea to prove that he is a solid choice in goal. Meanwhile at the back Kurt Zouma failed to feature and was automatically replaced (luckily for us) by clean sheet keeper Sakho who brought 6 points back. Suprisingly Yoshida managed to score a massive 12 points after securing a clean sheet and setting up Mane’s goal for the Saints. Finally we saw Lescott grab just 1 point after Pulis’ side conceded 2 goals in a six point match up.

The midfield was largely disappointing and 3 players, Caudrado, Nasri (who was automatically subbed in for Gouffran) and Coutinho scored just 1 point. However the German international Mesut Ozil did manage to grab a goal and as a result bring back a respectable 8 points for the differential XI.

Again our front three proved a huge disappointment, particularly our captain Loic Remy who only managed a 20 minute appearance. RVP and Cisse scored 2 and 1 respectively bringing the forwards total up to a disgraceful 5.

Despite a fairly poor performance we felt that there was no need for drastic changes and with a blank weekend to follow as a result of FA Cup football it was best to save 2 free transfers for gameweek 26.

So we line up as follows…


Starting XI: Pantillimon (4.4%), Zouma (1.2%), Yoshida (1.0%), Van Aanholt (3.4%), Nasri (1.7%), Cuadrado (0.4%), Ozil (2.9%), Coutinho (4.4%), Van Persie (3.1%), Cisse (0.7%), Remy (2.5%).

Bench: Ospina (1.6%), Lescott (1.6%), Gouffran (0.5%), Sakho (1.5%)

We stick with Pantillimon in goal despite Ospina’s game against Arsenal, simply because QPR’s main goal threat Charlie Austin has been ruled out.

At the back it’s Van Aanholt, Zouma and Yoshida. Zouma may not feature but if he does a clean sheet is likely and if not Lescott will sub in to replace him. Van Aanholt provides double the Sunderland coverage and a clean sheet for them will hopefully result in an important point haul. Finally Yoshida remains in the side as Southampton host West Ham who seem unlikely to score at St. Mary’s.

In midfield Cuadrado, Ozil and Coutinho keep their places while Nasri comes in for Gouffran. Despite a yellow flag on Coutinho his presence is necessary to cover Liverpool and if he doesn’t play there is sufficient coverage on the bench. Nasri and Ozil have promising fixtures and both sides will be looking to bounce back from disappointing results at the weekend. The armband goes to Ozil this week who is in great form and has a seemingly easy fixture at home to Leicester. Finally, Colombian Cuadrado keeps his place as it is likely he’ll make his home debut against Everton.

Finally up top the three strikers remain, in the hope that they’ll bounce back after some poor form. If any fail to feature, the bench is likely to cover their absence.

So best of luck to you all and thanks for reading as always.



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