Differentials XI – Gameweek 26

Gameweek 25 was a HUGE success for the differentials XI, in which we scored a massive 75 points, which was 35 points above the average (40). A good captain choice and some stand out performances helped the differentials to their highest points total all year.

Differentials XI

So despite a double Sunderland fail the defence managed to pick up an average 16 points. Zouma’s 2 bonus points helped bulk up the total and show why he is a great differential even if he misses the odd game or two. Lescott managed to pick up 7 points but his place on the bench meant this was not added to the overall total, perhaps a lesson learnt for doubling up on defenders.

Two stand out performances from Ozil and Nasri helped the total in this area soar up to 40 points! Our captain Ozil was only 2 points behind star man Nasri who bagged a goal and an assist for the side. Despite Coutinho and Cuadrado scoring only 2 and 3 respectively the midfield this week really was the key to the side’s success.

Bonus points played a huge role in the forward line this week, scoring 3 for Cisse and 2 for RVP, who both grabbed themselves a goal. Cisse actually has the best goals per minute ratio in the Premier League this season and this shows that he really is a great, cheap differential.

After a wonderful week we felt the team was in pretty good shape and so only made one change, leaving two for the following gameweek in preparation for double gameweek 28. The transfer was:

Loic REMY (OUT) -> Nika JELAVIC (IN)

With Costa returning to the Chelsea XI the Frenchman’s minutes will most definitely be limited and Hull City’s next few games are too tempting to ignore and Jelavic, a player based largely around his personal form, is likely to have a field day over the next few weeks.

So here is this week’s line up:

Differentials XI

Starting XI: Ospina (1.8%), Sakho (1.4%), Zouma (1.2%), Lescott (1.8%), Cuadrado (0.4%), Nasri (1.8%), Ozil (4.7%), Coutinho (4.5%), Jelavic (1.1%), Cisse (0.8%) and Van Persie (3.0%).

Subs: Pantillimon (4.5%), van Aanholt (3.8%), Yoshida (1.6%), Gouffran (0.5%)

After some sloppiness against QPR Ospina, who travels up the road to Crystal Palace, replaces Pantillimon in goal.

Only Zouma keeps his place at the back as Lescott and Sakho replace van Aanholt and Yoshida. A risky decision to have no Sunderland representatives with a home tie against West Brom however Sakho and Lescott seem to provide better coverage, with games against out of sort Southampton and Sunderland, respectively.

The midfield stays the same, which is unsurprising after the stellar performance last game week. Hopefully Ozil can continue his wonderful run of form and Cuadrado can get off the mark for Chelsea with a home tie against Burnley.

The only change up top sees new boy Jelavic take Remy’s place while Cisse and RVP hold their positions. Jelavic is handed the armband with a promising home tie against away strugglers QPR.

So, best of luck for gameweek 26 and as always thanks for reading.



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