Game week 1 – Captaincy analysis

Another season and another dilemma, who to captain? This choice can often make or break the game week. It can often be tempting to take a risk which is sometimes unlikely to come off, but if it does it would pay huge dividends. With this difficult choice in mind, this article looks to come up with two captaincy choices that should do well, one differential option and another that may be a little more risky.

1. Wayne Rooney (SWA)

Last season Wayne Rooney produced some large points hauls, which if you captained him I’m sure you will all remember. Over the 2013/2014 campaign he managed to score 17 goals and 12 assists. Wayne Rooney has played a large part in Manchester United’s pre-season too, and has started how he means to go on, scoring in nearly every game so far. With their first game against Swansea, this would be a prime opportunity for the Englishman to open his goal tally for the season. Swansea have lost Ben Davies, who was a regular starter in defence, and also Michu who played a crucial part in Swansea’s success, all be it not playing as much last season. Therefore, this game could potentially be full of goals, which Rooney could get himself on the end of.

2. Alexis Sanchez (CRY)

The £31.8m arrival of Alexis from Barcelona has given many Gunners fresh optimism about the possibility of sustaining a title challenge. The 25 year old has moved to the Premier League following 19 goals and 10 assists in what was his best season in La Liga. However, it is still somewhat unclear how Sanchez will operate, whether that is through the middle or out on the wing. Either way, we are sure he will always be a constant goal threat and with Arsenal’s opener against Crystal Palace, there should be sights of goal for the Chilean.

Differential – Ashley Young (SWA)

Throughout pre-season, LVG has opted for a 3 man defence with 2 wing backs. Ashley Young has been favoured throughout and is thriving in his new role under his new manager. The formation sees United take on an attacking approach which has seen them successfully win their pre-season tournament trophy. It allows players like Young to scale the wings and this could mean huge points for him this season. With United the favourable team over Swansea, he may be one to surprise many.

Gamble – Diego Costa (BUR)

Diego and Chelsea’s first game will be against Premier League newbies Burnley, which will be a tough first test for the Clarets. With Costa already bagging his first goal for the Blues during their pre-season, it is important that he continues this form along with the form he had with Atletico Madrid as he is likely to be a lone striker and will need to thrive on the supply from the likes of Hazard and Oscar. Whether or not Costa will be a sensation or turn out to be a goal machine like Torres is unsure yet, but it could go either way.

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