Gameweek 14 – Differentials XI

So with gameweek 13 done and dusted we move straight into the midweek fixtures of Gameweek 14! Differentials XI had a really strong gameweek 13, scoring a massive 43 points, so clearly the wildcard paid off! Here is how the team looked:

Differentials XI

First things first, the keeper… Rob Green what are you playing at? Scoring a massive zero points, he needs to step up his game! Just in front of him our four man defence picked up 12 points between them, being; Trippier (2), Rangel (2), Mertesacker (6) and Cissokho (2).

In midfield not a lot happened, with Chamberlain & Lallana not playing, in stepped Barkley and Lamela who only got 2 points between them. Hopefully they can step up in the upcoming weeks!

Finally up top we saw some big points. Firstly Kane scored 5 points, unfortunately Ayoze only scored 2 points, but we are leaving the best till last… RVP! We said that the Dutchman is due a goal, and he didn’t disappoint after he scored and assisted a goal in Manchester United’s 0-3 defeat of Hull City, scoring us a massive 20 points as our captain!

So with gameweek 14 already upon us, here are our changes:

Foster (OUT) -> Mignolet (IN)

With Ben’s percentage rising over 5%, we had no choice but to remove him. Although Mignolet is playing poorly, with his percentage so low, we expect him to start finding his form once again soon! Here is how the team line up:


Starting XI: Mignolet (4.8%), Trippier (1.5%), Rangel (0.8%), Mertesacker (3.7%), Cissokho (3.1%), Barkley (4.5%), Lallana (0.6%), Bolasie (1.2%), Kane (2.8%), Ayoze (3.0%), van Persie (1.9%)

Bench: Green (1.8%), Chamberlain (2.1%), Lamela (2.0%), Alderweireld (1.5%)

This week we give Mignolet his first start, hopefully he can find his form against Leicester City. Just in front of him we start; Trippier, Rangel, Mertesacker and Cissokho. Mertesacker has probably the toughest fixture of them all facing Southampton, but hopefully they can all bring some points in for the team… Don’t disappoint us lads!

In the middle of the park we start Barkley, Lallana and Bolasie, who all have fixtures in which they could bring in some points.

Up top we name an unchanged 3, being; Kane, Ayoze and van Persie. Kane has a tough fixture against Chelsea this week, but hopefully Ayoze can find the back of the net against Burnley. We also leave the captain’s armband with RVP as Manchester United and RVP face Stoke City at Old Trafford.

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