SHITHOUSE XI – Festive Period Update

A busy festive period has kept us all ticking over with our fantasy teams and now that we are out the other side, it seems as though it has taken an age to get to gameweek 21. Although the FA cup has kept us all somewhat happy, I know most of you are probably itching to return to the FPL game. The Shithouse XI experienced a strange festive period. These are the point tallies from the last 4 gameweeks.

Gameweek 17 Result

Gameweek 18 Result

Gameweek 19 Result

Gameweek 20 Result

So 149 points from 4 weeks from a team of players that are meant to be justifying their position in the Shithouse XI is not a bad haul at all. If I’m honest, this is only 30 points short of my personal team’s tally for the same time period! The highlight for the Shithouse XI came in gameweek 19 where they ranked within the top 46k for that gameweek largely thanks to a full house of clean sheets. At the end of this period, the team sit 7 from the bottom in the @FPL_Updates league, still proving they have what it takes to live up to the Shithouse name.

So, where did we pick up the main points over the 4 weeks?

Green – Robo had a great couple of weeks in gameweeks 18 & 19 with a penalty save against Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez and a clean sheet against Crystal Palace. In the game against Palace, he was also awarded all 3 bonus points and in total over the 4 weeks, he has brought in 22 points, meaning he has averaged just over 5 points a gameweek.

Flamini – Mathieu has had a fairly quiet few weeks as expected, especially as he didn’t feature at all against Southampton in gameweek 20, but he did pick up an assist in the -2 draw against Liverpool back in gameweek 17.

Brown – Wes and Sunderland managed to pick up 2 clean sheets out of 4 against Newcastle in gameweek 17 and Aston Villa in gameweek 19. Unfortunately for the team, Wes didn’t feature in gameweek 18 and at first glance in FPL, it seems as though he hadn’t in gameweek 20. However, thanks to a yellow and conceding 3 goals against City, he finished on 0 points. Wes’ point tally for the 4 gameweeks? 12. We can definitely handle an average of 3 points a game…

Davies – Curtis has picked up his game over the last couple gameweeks. Unusually, he picked up all 3 bonus points in gameweek 19 against Leicester, despite losing his clean sheet and Hull not scoring. He also picked up a bonus point in gameweek 20 against Everton, as well as keeping a clean sheet. The last 2 gameweeks means he has an average of 4 points a game over the festive period, nothing to be to displeased about!

Ward – Joel and Crystal Palace have kept 2 clean sheets in 2 over the last couple of gameweeks against Aston Villa in gameweek 20 and QPR in gameweek 19. Thankfully for us, Joel didn’t add much else to these points over the festive season as he accumulated just 2 points in total from gameweeks 17 & 18.

Morgan – Thanks to the 1-0 win in gameweek 19 over Hull City, Morgan and Leicester managed to keep a clean sheet, resulting in Wes scoring 6 points. In total over the 4 festive games, Wes only scored 9 points.

Smalling – Chris featured for the full 90 minutes on New Years Day in the 1-1 draw against Stoke and in doing so, managed to pick up 2 bonus points for his troubles. Other than this, he hasn’t really featured, only playing 36 minutes in the previous 5 games.

Vardy – Jamie was subject to rotation during the festive games but he did manage to pick up an assist in the 2-2 draw against Liverpool on New Years Day. Over the last 4 gameweeks, including the assist, Vardy has returned just 5 points.

During the last 4 gameweeks, we made one transfer. With Chamakh being ruled out, we brought in Mame Biram Diouf for gameweek 18. It all started so well but we reached gameweek 19 and it all turned a bit sour…

Diouf – Diouf rubbed our noses in it before he heads off to the African Cup of Nations with Senegal by getting himself 2 goals in the win against West Brom. In addition to this, and as you would expect, he picked up all 3 bonus points. In that 1 gameweek alone, he picked up 13 points, but thankfully for us, only picked up 2 points in the gameweek before and the gameweek after.

Although we had these out of the ordinary points scorers, we did have the trusty faithfuls who picked up nothing unusual in terms of points. Our thanks go out to Tomo (Cleverley), N’Zonzi, Wickham, Yellow-card Lee (Cattermole) and good ole’ Craig (Gardner) for flying the Shithouse XI flag high. You’ve done us proud over the last few weeks boys so keep it up!


So, now that you’re all caught up, let’s see the line-up for gameweek 21…

Gameweek 21 Line-up


Diouf – As Diouf is off to the African Cup of Nations with an unknown return date due to not knowing when Senegal will be out of the tournament, we have had to remove him in search of another Shithouser…


Weimann – It pains me to say it as I am a big fan of Andreas, but his point scoring of late has not been the greatest. He has not scored more than 2 points since the end of November where he picked up an assist against Burnley and as Villa struggle, this only seems likely to continue. I hate to do it to you Andreas but welcome to the team.

The captain’s armband has been handed to Connor Wickham as they face an inconsistent Liverpool. Although they have put in some better performances lately and the team in red wanting to give captain Gerrard the best send-off season possible, you never know what you’re going to get with them this season and Sunderland love upsetting the favourites so this should be an interesting choice!

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