Shithouse XI – Gameweek 10

Game-week 10 was a complete contrast to the week prior to it as none of the usual point hitters scored big, resulting in a low average score of 38 points. Many teams failed to take full advantage of this low average and the Shithouse XI are no exception!


This lot actually managed a rank inside the 3 million mark which is a rarity, but this goes to show how difficult it was to pick up big points during game-week 9. They managed to achieve a total of 29 points, 9 points short of the average, and they are now placed 1,090th in the @Fpl_updates league with only 7 teams below them.


Krul – Unfortunately for Tim, Newcastle’s dominance came a little too late in the game at White Hart Lane if they were to battle for a clean sheet. Tim also did us proud by getting a booking for time wasting as Newcastle held onto their 2-1 comeback. Thanks for the single point!


Smalling – United put in a commendable performance against Chelsea and definitely game them a run for their money in the first half at least. Despite earning a draw, Smalling did concede and therefore only takes away the 2 points.

Davies – Liverpool & Hull saw out a 0-0 draw and therefore Curtis gains his second clean sheet in three weeks. Despite his poor start to the season, he seems to be accumulating points quickly and we may need to consider taking him out of the team.

Brown – Thanks to some defensive mistakes, one including Wes himself, Arsenal won 2-0 at the Stadium of Light. Sanchez sunk 2 into the Sunderland net, meaning Brown finishes on a single point.


Cattermole – As above, Sunderland were unable to produce anything against Arsenal and to add to this, Lee got himself booked meaning he ends the week on a single point.

Cleverley – QPR helped themselves to their second win of the season against a Villa side who have recently finished a very tough run of games and are suffering a streak of games without scoring. As Villa continued this non-scoring record, Tom picked up just the 2 points for playing and as captain in our team, only brought in 4 points.

Wanyama – Victor came off of the bench once again meaning he still remains out of favour with Koeman, which may lead to him being removed from our team. During his short period on the pitch, he was unable to aid his Southampton side with goals or assists meaning he ends this week with 1 point.

Jedinak – Mile now has 3 goals in 5 games meaning that he has beaten his goal-scoring record from last season already (2). He helped himself to another penalty goal and 6 points in total for his performance against West Brom. We’re staying stubborn on this and we can’t see this continuing… Hopefully Palace stop winning penalties!


Wickham – Connor was on the pitch for less than a length of a half and in his team on the pitch he got himself booked, meaning he has no points whatsoever to show for his 41 minutes work.

Nugent – Our trusty Shithouse XI striker David Nugent scored his standard 2 points for playing the full 90 minutes. His only goal comes from the penalty spot which was scored during the turnaround against Manchester United earlier in the season.

Jutkiewicz – Lukas and Burnley are now in and around the goals and despite it not leading to any wins, they have now managed to score in 3 consecutive games which is a huge improvement on the beginning of the season. Lukas now has 2 assists in 3 games and therefore he picked up 5 points this game-week.


The Shithouse XI are performing well with a few surprise point hauls from certain players each week. However, due to a back-log of free transfers, we have 2 transfers we can make and this week we have decided to make full use of both of them.



Ferdinand – Rio has got himself in trouble with the FA once again after referring to someone with an offensive term in a tweet wrote at the beginning of September. For those of you interested in the term, its a street word for a promiscuous woman. Anyway, he has been handed a fine and a 3 match ban meaning he will miss the games against Chelsea, City & Newcastle. He has also been in articles recently speaking about the likely possibility of retirement at the end of this season and he recently seems to be out of favour for the QPR starting XI. For these reasons, we have decided to remove Rio from the squad for now.

Tiote – Tiote has missed the last 2 games and has been ruled out of this weekend with an injury. Due to his lack of playing time, we feel it is time to move on and bring someone new in.


Moore – Liam Moore has played every minute of every Leicester match this season and has only 13 points to show for it. He has managed a clean sheet just once and his picked up just a single point in every other week except game-week 1, where he picked up none at all. Welcome to the team Liam, you sound like you may fit right in!

N’Zonzi – Steven has also played every minute of Stoke’s Premier league campaign this season and has 19 points to show for his efforts. He has not provided any goals or assists for his team and has only picked up clean sheet bonus points twice. He seems to be an average 2 points a game type of player, perfect for our Shithouse XI.

The captain’s armband this week has been handed to Mile Jedinak. We really want to prove he deserves to be in the Shithouse XI based on past statistics and that his recent goal tally is a one-off. In order to achieve this, we have taken a gamble as Palace take on Sunderland at Selhurst Park.

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