Shithouse XI – Game-week 8

Game-week 7 saw a week of rare clean sheets with only 5 teams achieving one. The average points for the game-week was 51…. these shithousers got 29 and amongst them were 2 defenders that achieve those elusive clean sheets!


The team managed to match the previous week’s point tally of 29 with this display and keep up the good name associated with the shithouse team. These guys finished nearly 3.14 millionth in the rankings for the game-week and are now currently sitting in 1041st place in the @Fpl_updates league. That’s only 10 places from bottom which is a huge feat considering the amount of players in our league.


Green – West Ham beat QPR 2-0 meaning that Rob Green did not achieve a clean sheet, nor did he get his 2 points for playing over 60 minutes due to the amount of goals conceded. A single point will do us nicely!


Williamson – Williamson follows suit as he too only picked up a single point due to playing over 60 minutes but failing to concede less than 2 goals.

Davies – Curtis put a spanner in the works as Hull managed a 2-0 win over a recently impressive looking Crystal Palace team. This means clean sheet points for him as well as a bonus point for good measure! We knew it was a gamble putting him in but when you get two -1s in two weeks, it becomes very much justified!

Cresswell – Despite picking up a yellow card, Aaron managed 5 points due to the clean sheet he picked up and playing the full 90 minutes. This is West Ham’s first clean sheet of the season and they must be pleased to get one under their belt. Thanks Aaron for showing us up…


Strangely enough, and ideally for the team, I don’t even need to break down these players individually. They all achieved what I hoped they would as a maximum with just the 2 points for playing over 60 minutes. Perfect score lads, let’s improve on that in game-week 8 with a few bookings!


Nugent – David unfortunately played under 60 minutes and therefore only achieved a single point. As captain, his points would have doubled but thanks to a yellow card, he finished on 0. We gave you your chance David and you blew it!

Jutkiewicz – Lukas managed his first point differential of the season as he bagged an assist in Burnley’s 2-2 draw with Leicester. Up until now, he consistently bagged 2 points every game. Burnley had other ideas at the King Power in game-week 7 as they added to their single goal from game-week 1 and kept up their impressive draw record.


Due to a back log of non-transfer game-weeks, we have 2 free transfers at our disposal this week. However, we are only going to make one change this week and save our extra transfer for a more needing time…



Cresswell – Cresswell & West Ham managed their first clean sheet of the season in game-week 7 and we expect them to make it 2 in 2 when they face Burnley in game-week 8. After watching Cresswell since putting him in the shithouse XI, his performances have made me think his inclusion is unjustified as mentioned in game-week 5. Therefore, we have removed him from the team.


Ferdinand – Rio finds himself in an unfortunate position. Ex-captain of England & a Manchester United legend. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a QPR team leaking goals with a single clean sheet to their name. They look very frail and hardly anyone is backing them to pick up results. Therefore, it only felt right to include a QPR player that has played as much as Rio has and therefore he has made our shithouse team for now. Sorry mate, it had to be done.

This week, we have given the captaincy to Lukas after he picked up his first big points of the season. With a game at home to West Ham, he may feel he can make an impression. Show us what you’re made of Lukas!

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