SHITHOUSE XI – Gameweek 16

Gameweek 15 seems like so long ago due to the lack of mid-week Premier League games like the week before but we are now on the brink of gameweek 16 matches and the Shithouse XI are ready for it. Firstly, let’s see how they did last week…

Shithouse XI gameweek 15 points

Unfortunately for us, it was a defensive master class which cost us scoring good shithouse points this week. We ended up with 39 points, 6 points above the average and ranked inside the top million for the gameweek so not ideal at all! The shithouse XI don’t like seeing green arrows and that is exactly what they got. They are now placed 1,131 in the @FPL_Updates league out of 1,142.


Green – QPR put in a good display to earn themselves a win against Burnley. This good display resulted in a clean sheet which means Robo takes home 7 points overall, not a shithouse performance by any means.


Smalling – Chris only played 17 minutes and is now ruled out until Boxing Day. He wouldn’t have picked up clean sheet points anyway thanks to the standard Pelle-Tadic goal source for Southampton.

Ward – Ward was the second player out of 3 in the shithouse XI to pick up big points thanks to a clean sheet. Palace managed to see out a 0-0 at White Hart Lane which means Ward finishes the week on 6 points.

Brown – Sunderland saw out their second clean sheet in 3 games against big Premier League sides which means Wes is our third and final big clean sheet point scorer this week, bringing in 6 points.


N’Zonzi – Steven returned to his normal FPL ways by scoring just the 2 points for appearing. Well done Steven, this is what you are in the team for!

Cattermole – Lee completed only 21 minutes which is very much uncharacteristic of him. As a result he only scores a single point towards the week points tally.

Flamini – Mathieu wrecked our basic scoring midfield by bagging an assist in the loss to Stoke. The bonus is that with the amount of injuries Arsenal have picked up lately, we should see him remain in the starting XI. He contributes 5 points to this weeks points total.

Cleverley – Cleverley just broke through the 60 minute mark with 61 minutes game time against Leicester at the weekend and brings in the 2 points thanks to it. Tomo didn’t do anything other than appear, perfect for the shithouse XI!

Gardner – West Brom saw out a 0-0 with Hull at the KC so thanks to that clean sheet Gardner earns himself an extra point and finishes the week on 3 points.


Chamakh – Marouane seems to be fitting in nicely with a 90 minute display and only 2 points for his efforts. His game was against Spurs at White Hart Lane and he may feel he has more chance against Stoke in gameweek 16 but we are happy with how our new transfer is settling in.

Wickham – Captain Wickham didn’t return anything other than appearance points, meaning a great captaincy selection for the shithouse XI and only 4 points in total.


So with gameweek 16 just round the corner, here is our line-up.

Shithouse XI Gameweek 16

We have decided to not make any transfers with the team fully performing. Smalling may be out injured but as he is back in just 2 weeks, we have the coverage to make up for him missing out. Our captain this week is the latest signing Chamakh so that he has a chance to prove us wrong. He is playing at the Selhurst against Stoke, a great opportunity to get some points on the board! Good luck Marouane!

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