SHITHOUSE XI – Gameweek 26

A very low scoring initial day last gameweek but the average managed to rise to 40 once the gameweek was over with. Considering this average, the Shithouse XI didn’t actually do too badly…

Gameweek 25 Shithouse XI results

So with 31 points, they should be pleased. An unlikely double clean sheet coming from QPR duo Green and Caulker cost us a low scoring week. Fortunately for us, the rest of the team lived up to expectation and delivered a proper shithouse performance. Gameweek 25’s result places the team 1,242nd in the @FPL_Updates league and ranked 2.5 millionth for the gameweek. The team stay around 150k off the bottom of all players going into gameweek 26.


Green – Rob managed a clean sheet whilst making 5 saves in the process! As a result, he scores 7 points.


Morgan – Morgan is having a terrible time in terms of fantasy football and last week was no different, conceding 2 goals and finishing up with 1 point

Ward – Ward lost his clean sheet thanks to a Cisse goal and therefore only scores the 2 points for playing.

Caulker – Caulker, in partnership with Green, ruined our low scoring week and adds 6 points to the week’s tally.

Brown – Wes has been struggling for minutes recently and this didn’t change as he only featured for 28 minutes in gameweek 25. He scores a single point.


Livermore – As Cleverley didn’t feature for Villa, the captain’s armband goes to our vice. Thanks to a clean sheet bonus, Livermore adds 6 points as a result of his 3 points being doubled, making it 19 points from 3 players (only 12 points from the other 8).

Jones – Not much to say here, 90 minutes played and 2 points scored – a standard Jones performance.

Gardner – Craig unfortunately only featured for 6 minutes, scoring just a single point for gameweek 25.

N’Zonzi – Steven couldn’t do anything to help his Stoke side whilst on the pitch for the full 90 minutes and therefore adds just the 2 points.


Weimann – A quiet one up top this week, Andreas only featuring for 45 mins and as a result, only bringing in 1 point.

Wickham – Connor enjoyed a full 90 minutes in what can’t be a regular occurrence now that Defoe has been added to the squad. He didn’t make much of his time on the field and only scored 2 points/


So onto our gameweek 26 line-up and we have made some necessary changes up top…

Shithouse XI - Gameweek 26 line-up


Weimann – Andreas has only played over 60 minutes in 2 of the last 5 games. For us, this isn’t enough play time to be considered for the team so we have taken the opportunity to transfer him out.

Vardy – A very similar story for Jamie, but this time slightly worse as he has only played over 60 minutes in 2 of the last 8 games.


Agbonlahor – Like for like with Weimann whilst Villa form is poor. Agbonlahor featuring a lot more than Weimann, successfully completing over 60 minutes more often whilst scoring low fantasy football points. Welcome to the team Gabriel!

Diouf – We had him in before he went off on international duty for Senegal in the African Cup of Nations and now that he is back and featuring, we have restored him into the Shithouse XI. Unfortunately, he is already showing us up by bagging himself a goal in the first 45 minutes of gameweek 26. Hopefully this doesn’t continue and luckily, he is on the bench this week…

We have given Gardner the captain’s armband as we feel that his fixture with Sunderland has 0-0 written all over it. Do us proud Craig!

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