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Gameweek 31 finally see’s the return of the Premier League action and what better way to celebrate the fact that there are no more international breaks this season than entering into the WooFBet Blogger of the Month tournament. If you haven’t heard of WooFBet, be sure to check them out, as they are hosting this tournament which see’s various well known bloggers compete against each other. Some of these bloggers you should be well used too, such as our own; FPL Avids, Bonus FPL and FPL Aid whilst many others will be joining in on the month of fun! Who will come out with the bragging rights this time?…

To kick things off, this article will show both FPL Updates and FPL Avid’s teams, along with the reasons for our particular selections. So let’s start with the FPL Updates team:



Our two keepers for the 4 week fixtures are cheapies, both being Myhill and Davis. This week we will probably start Myhill as he has the easier fixture of the two against QPR. Davis will be sat on the bench, but i’m sure he will have a part to play in the tournament.

In front of him we have a starting back 3 of Bertrand, Naughton and Walker who face; Everton, Hull and Burnley, all of which aren’t (arguably) tough games, and are games in which they could pick up some good points. The other two defenders will most likely be Lescott and Schlupp. All five have fixtures which allow them to be rotated in a manor that allows at least three defenders to have reasonable fixtures in one week.


The midfield consists of four starters being; Silva, Eriksen, Sigurdsson and Sterling. All have had some good form at some point in the season, and we are hoping that these players will either re-find this form or continue this on. Sigurdsson could be a little bit of a gamble as he has lost some form of late, but he certainly does have some tasty fixtures coming up! Sterling could also be seen as somewhat risky as his wage demands are quite high and he does tend to need a nap, but hopefully the gamble will pay off. Silva and Eriksen on the other hand have been showing some really strong form of late. Our fifth midfielder is QPR’s Phillips, who is sitting on the bench this week and will likely be there every week. His main purpose is to allow us to spend a little more up top and is a bargain starter.


Up top we start a deadly three pronged attack. Firstly we are starting with Harry Kane, who we don’t need to tell you, is in top form, and doesn’t really need any explanation here. The same can’t be said about Sergio Aguero who has lost some form of late, but with four reasonable fixtures over the space of this tournament, we expect him to find the net. Finally, Diego Costa, who is currently in the race for that golden boot with Harry Kane. Hopefully this goal scoring rivalry continues as it will certainly help out our WooFBet team!

Now to the FPL Avids squad:

fpl updates


Guarded strange picks at the start of the season but after two season ending injuries they provide sensational value for money. Firstly, Myhill; simple enough pick really. Bargain buy with Foster out. Decent fixtures too. Second keeper is Davis who is in a similar situation with the Saints keeper. Best defence in the league in my personal opinion. Absolute steal, perhaps offers the best value in the whole Fantasy League currently.

In front of him we have John Terry: I personally think Mourinho would happily take 1-0’s until the rest of the season. Terry’s played 90 minutes in every game this season and grabbed a few goals in the process. Expect Chelsea to tighten it up at the back for the remainder of the season. Solid pick. Alderweireld is next as besides Davis, he’s the cheapest way to get into the Saints backline. When playing the #woofbetBOTM I’ll be taking a few risks: this means me doubling up on some sure defences. Kyle Naughton earns himself a spot, and at 4.3m the Swans full back offers real value. With some decent fixtures he’s proven a vital rotation player in my squad. Lescott sees us double up again with him and Myhill. Pulis loves a clean sheet and for a mere 9m, two solid players is a steal! The final defender is Moreno, as Rodgers has stopped the ‘pool’s backbone from leaking and at a cheap price and playing in the LWB spot, Moreno is sure for a few clean sheets and assists!


To kick things off we have Hazard. A ‘must have’ in WoofBET. Great form and a fixture proof player. Without him I’d feel in a hazardous position (Smirking face) knowing I’m without a potentially explosive player. Manchester City’s David Silva finds a place in the team, perhaps a differential in this tournament with Man City playing sub par, but what draws me to him is that he’s in his best goal scoring season to date and perhaps most crucially, he doesn’t have a blank GW when others do. Swansea’s Sigurdsson  is a mid priced player in which his team relies on. Without Bony, Swansea have been somewhat struggling for goals. Siggy has to step up with good fixtures but his form is quite diminished from the beginning of the season. I’m assuming a lot of people will go for Ozil or Sterling but here’s my differential, Juan Mata. Good form but is a big rotation risk with Di Maria but on current form, I can’t see Mata getting dropped. I expect him to score big against Villa too. Finally, Jack Cork is in the team, and will mainly be a bench player who’s super cheap. Not much more needing to be said.


Firstly we start with Costa. Returning to form and will be hungry to get the golden boot in his first Premier League season. Mourinho will be after Costa to wrap up the league before the last 5 games of the season so he will be demanding goals. He’s also reportedly carrying an injury and we all know what happened last time he was injured! 5 goals against Everton and Swansea. I reckon he’ll finish the season on 25 goals or so. Wayne Rooney is next, which some might say is a bit risky but with Agüero off form, I’m leaning towards Rooney with him recently being pushed back up-front from midfield. RVP injured and Falcao being generally shite he has no competition. Not to mention he’s the captain so basically guaranteed 90 minutes each week. Finally Harry Kane, a must have. Similar to Hazard if he scores big and I don’t have him I’ll be punished big time! He’s more in my team for insurance rather than me wanting him. He’ll also be a strong contender for the Premier League golden boot.

Be sure to check back next week to see how we got on…

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