2 In 2 Out – Fantasy Premier League Tips – Gameweek 10 FPL Tips

Welcome to the third edition of two in two out! The series where I tell YOU which two Fantasy Premier League players to bring in and which two players to kick out, with the aim to give you some green FPL arrows!

So… last edition, where to start? OUCH, OUCH AND OUCH. Let’s just get this out of the way – I told you to take Alexis Sanchez OUT. I said “Sanchez will come good, he’s too good not to but for 11.0m is it worth waiting? I don’t think so”.

Boy, I was wrong. He came good and scored 46 points in three games. I am still hurting, I’ve put him straight back into my team and can only apologise!

I also told you to take Darmian out, he kept a clean sheet against Sunderland and Everton, but did concede three to Arsenal, get booked and lost in Sanchez’s pocket. I also told you to bring Azpilicueta in, who kept only one clean sheet. Payet was the final pick to bring in and he saved the article as he scored 25 points in three games, phew. RIGHT, I never want to talk about that article ever again, on with the suggestions…


Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal, Midfielder, 11.4m)

Yep, it’s only right that I do this. After telling you to take him out let’s just start again, rewind and bring him back in! Alexis is on FIRE at the moment and he just can’t stop scoring. The Chilean has finally found his feet this season, scoring six goals in his last three games. Arsenal’s next three fixtures are; Everton (H), Swansea (A) and Spurs (H). At the moment, fixtures seem completely irrelevant to Sanchez as his confidence is going through the roof and he can do anything at the moment! Bring him back in and never take him out again! Unless he gets injured or suspended.

Wilfried Bony (Man City, Forward, 8.3m)

Sergio Aguero is out until approximately the 21st November and it’s clear to see that the £28m man is his replacement. Manchester City are going to score goals and water is wet. Bony has already impressed in his first full game of the season against Bournemouth, in which he scored twice and assisted. At 8.3m Bony is fairly cheap for a Manchester City attacker and we all know that they will create many chances EVERY game, increasing the chance of Bony scoring points. Currently, only 2.8% of fantasy football managers have Bony, meaning you will gain on the majority of teams if he does well. It’s a great differential and one you should consider.


Eden Hazard (Chelsea, Midfielder, 11.1m)

This one is RISKY. I made the same type of suggestion with Sanchez and I’ll say the same with Hazard. Eden Hazard will come good, he’s too good not too. But is it worth waiting for 11.1m? I don’t think so!

Hazard was benched for the Aston Villa game and has only managed to score one goal this season, which was hugely deflected into Arsenal’s net. One of the main reasons I would take out Eden Hazard, is that there are plenty of inform replacements, for a much cheaper price too, such as; Kevin De Bruyne (10.4m), Dimitri Payet (7.9m) and even Mesut Ozil (8.6m). You’re already losing out on points so why risk losing out for longer?

Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool, Defender, 5.5m)

Clyne is the most picked defender in fantasy football with currently a huge 30.9% of managers own him. I like Clyne, I like Liverpool and I like Klopp, BUT this is a purely point/fixture based suggestion. Liverpool’s next three fixtures are; Southampton (H), Chelsea (A) and Crystal Palace (H). All three are very dangerous fixtures when it comes to the attackers they will come up against. This means clean sheet are unlikely, possible but unlikely. It’s likely that some of you reading this right now will have Clyne and I feel now is the right time to replace him, possibly for someone cheaper to save money for the front line.

Thanks for reading! It can’t be worse than last week unless Hazard pulls a Sanchez act off on us! Fingers crossed that this edition will bring you points and green arrows, we all love that. See you next time!

By Tom Mellor


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