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Welcome to our final FPL captaincy analysis, where we will look at all the picks and tips for that captain’s armband for the final fantasy Premier League gameweek of the season! Before we do this, lets take a look at how last week’s picks did:

1. Dimitri Payet – 12 points

2. Anthony Martial – 12 points

3. Andros Townsend – 3 points

Gamble – Romelu Lukaku – 4 points

Differential – Daniel Sturridge – 2 points

Now onto this week’s picks:

1. Alexis Sanchez (AVL)

Well, this one is pretty self explanatory don’t you think?! Arsenal play Aston Villa, one of the worst performances over a season I’ve seen in over 10 years in the EPL, vs one of the best finishers in the league. This, can only end one way. Guaranteed to be the most popular captaincy choice, you may as well captain him if you want to maintain your final overall FPL rank for the 2015/16 season. Although he hasn’t been in completely scintillating form, you’ve certainly got to fancy Alexis’ chances of getting at least a brace on Sunday. With Welbeck out, and Walcott being Walcott, Alexis might start further up the pitch in a more attacking role which could increase his chances of getting a few goals! You’d be an idiot not to captain him if you have him!

2. Harry Kane (NEW)

Again, hasn’t been in the most prolific form recently but Spurs take on Newcastle who have unfortunately just been relegated to the Championship, so with their heads down, their confidence low, Kane could exploit Newcastle’s defence and could grab a few goals against the Magpies. However, with Dele Alli and Moussa Dembele out, Spurs could potentially be weak going forward which will limit the amount of chances Kane gets, and will mean he might not score as many as predicted. Risky one but who knows, anything could happen as we all know by now!

3. Sergio Aguero (SWA)

Aguero has without a doubt been the most unpredictable player this season. He could score 5 one game, then blank the next 6, then go on a crazy run and then blank again! It’s hard to predict what he’ll do, and that is why he’s number three and so low on this list. Swansea have been in fantastic form recently, and I can’t see this form drying up as they will want to end this season very well considering how well they’ve done in 2016! They’ve tightened up at the back and looked brilliant going forward. Aguero, and Man City, might find it hard to break down the Welsh defence.

Differential – Romelu Lukaku (NOR)

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Lukaku was some what under performing of late, which may have been a protest against Martinez. Now that Martinez has been sacked, it could see the return of Lukaku’s form and he could put a shift in this week. Everyone has dumped him out of their FPL teams, due to his poor form, but he could explode with points this week against Norwich! It is a gamble, however if you have him, go for it, it’s the last week!

Gamble – Dieumerci Mbokani (EVE)

Yes, you did read that right. He’s in class form and they play Everton, who have been the worst team in the league in 2016, 2nd to only Aston Villa, and are now without a manager after today’s Martinez sacking. As an Everton fan, I think the defenders look lost and clueless and Norwich really could exploit the Everton back four. Massive, massive gamble, and I’d only advise it if you have completely given up on FPL, and you’re in the stage of “I don’t give a fu**!”

This is the final captaincy article for the FPL season but don’t worry, we’ll be back next season. If you’re lucky, you might see us earlier if we decide to take part in some Euro leagues with @FPL_Updates so do expect to see a few articles from us in the summer.

Written by Bonus FPL


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