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Ganeweek 34 was another brilliant ganeweek for the FPL Differentials XI, as they saw another green arrow come their way. No Sanchez or Aguero due to their ownership which did hit the team a little bit, but nevertheless it was a good fantasy Premier League week for the Differentials XI. Here is how the team looked at the end of the week:

Differentials XI

So a score of 82 points, which was slightly above the inflated average of 79 points. As eluded to above we could have done with a Sanchez or Aguero performance from one of our star men, but Daniel Sturridge did his best. A massive score of 34 points as captain of the team means that he will be sticking around until his ownership shoots above the 10% marker. There were other decent performances from Adrian, Bolasie, Antonio and not to forget big Kevin De Bruyne! However, there were some big missed opportunities which could have helped us see a bigger green arrow, as Deeney missed a penalty and the likes of Silva and Jagielka got hit with injuries.

Anyway onward and upwards! This week we have had to take a point hit as there were 5 injuries/suspensions. Therefore to enable us to field a full eleven, we have made the following changes:

Shaqiri (OUT) -> Mane (IN)
Bolasie (OUT) -> Iwobi (IN)

With both Bolasie and Shaqiri injured, it was a no brainer to take them out this week. In fact we could have utilised a wildcard this week, as our team still has some injuries and doubtful starters! However, we are still confident in another week of green arrows and in come two players that are in form; Iwobi and Mane. Iwobi faces off against a Sunderland squad fighting for survival and this means that there could be some gaps to exploit! Mane on the other hand will be exploiting gaps in the form of Aston Villa’s defence which will surely be there!

Here is how we line up:

Differentials XI

Starting XI: Adrian (5.0%), Dawson (3.5%), Wollscheid (3.2%), Walker (3.4%), Simpson (7.1%), Mane (4.1%), De Bruyne (10.0%), Silva (4.1%), Iwobi (6.6%), Sturridge (4.7%), Pelle (9.9%)

Bench: Courtois (7.1%), Antonio (4.0%), Jagielka (6.4%), Deeney (4.6%)

This week we have stuck the captaincy on Pelle as he should do the business for us against a leaky Aston Villa defence.

Best of luck one and all! Be sure to let us know how your gameweek plans are coming along over on Twitter!

Written by FPL Ghost


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