S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 35 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Milestone achieved! I have finally made it past the 3,500,000 point as the bench boost chip catapults me into the doldrums of FPL. I bumped into Morten Gamst Pedersen, Christopher Samba and even Dan Petrescu along the way. It’s nice and dark which makes it perfect conditions to plan my next move. I still have the triple captain chip to play and I’m thinking of using that this week but we will see. So my pre-gameweek rank was 3,506,977 and my drop after the gameweek has been concluded as 3,514,582…

As I played my bench boost chip this week, this article will be slightly longer!



Boruc – 2 points from Artur is a well received return as he failed to stop Liverpool’s dominance.

Guzan – Vice captain will pick up double points as my captain failed to play in either of his 2 games! So 6 points for Brad!


Lescott – 2 points from the Villa man thanks to yet another poor display from the, now, relegated team.

Kaboul – 6 points means Kaboul was one of my highest scorers! Thankfully no bonus points.

Captain Steven Taylor – What a let-down, failed to play and I had high hopes for my DGW bench boost captain!

Wollscheid – Conceded 4 goals! That’s a return of zero! Brilliant.

Cook – Finally some low points from Steve after some goals, assists and cleanies! 1 point.


Cork – 2 points for Jack is a very respectable Sh*thouse midfield score! We could look at letting him join the 3 C’s to make 4 C’s!

Coquelin – Francis played 2 games and scored a relatively low score, even after picking up a rare bonus point! 4 points.

Cattermole – 2 points for Lee is more than enough for one of the most respected Sh*thousers to date.

Wanyama – After last week’s goal he re-pays me with a standard 2 pointer!

Barry – Another player playing twice comes home with 1 point. 1 point from a DGW! Haha.


Ulloa – Vardy’s misdemeanour means Ulloa reaps the reward! 8 chuffing points!

Gomis – A fabulous addition to the Sh*thouse XI, a 1 point return.

Jerome – I have found a superstar here as Jerome makes a valid contribution again.

Total points – 38.

Now onto this week’s team:


Transfers – This week sees Ulloa’s exit and the entrance of Berahino after seeing his penalty taking skills!

Captain – Wollscheid should have no answer for Manchester City and Sergio Aguero.

Written by Matty Kaye


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