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Gameweek 35 was a bit of a disappointment for the FPL Differentials XI, as there were a few players we had really high hopes for, however they left their boots in the changing room and let us down! Before we get onto it, here is how the team looked at the end of the week:

Differentials XI

So a total score of 36 points, which was 3 below the average unfortunately saw RED arrows for the Differentials XI. It had been a few weeks of green arrows, so it was a bit of a shame to see those dreaded red arrows! The team looked strong going into the gameweek and with Southampton playing Villa, we thought it would be the perfect week to give Pelle the armband. Sit back and watch the points roll in we thought. He of course didn’t play, but luckily our vice captain, Daniel Sturridge, scored some points for us, 12 in total. De Bruyne and Silva were both useless, as one didn’t play and the other went off injured. Mane didn’t start the game, but luckily for us came off the bench and scored late on. The defence however did see 2 clean sheets, which wasn’t the worst return ever seen from this team.

This week we want to recuperate and finish the season strong, with the aim of getting back in that top 50% of teams. With that being said we are planning towards the double gameweek, with the idea being to have as many double gameweekers as possible and either play the triple captain chip or the bench boost chip that week and the other in gameweek 38. So, the changes:

De Bruyne (OUT) -> Fabregas (IN)

Pelle (OUT) -> Defoe (IN)

With both of these players going over the 10% marker, our arm was twisted. A -4 point hit, however we have brought in two players that are in a bit of form and both play twice next gameweek.

So here is how we line up:

Differentials XI

Starting XI: Adrian (4.8%), Dawson (3.5%), Wollscheid (3.1%), Simpson (7.3%), Mane (4.6%), Antonio (3.8%), Fabregas (5.0%), Iwobi (6.8%), Sturridge (6.9%), Defoe (7.6%), Deeney (4.7%)

Bench: Courtois (6.6%), Walker (3.5%), Jagielka (6.4%), Silva (4.0%)

On paper the line up looks good, however we know what happened last week! Defoe takes the captain’s armband with a game against Stoke, who are on the beach already and seem to be conceding goals for fun. Sunderland are determined to stay up and with Defoe, you always have a good chance of finding the back of the net! We were tempted to take a huge punt and stick the triple captain on the Englishman, but we have decided to hold off until next week.

Thanks for reading, best of luck one and all!

Written by FPL Ghost


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