S**THOUSE XI – Gameweek 36 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

I’m a little disappointed that my s**thouse XI players are being found out by their club managers. 4 of my squad of 15 didn’t play a minute leaving only 8 players who contributed. Nevertheless, these players contributed well as my total score was a cracking 13 points! This ridiculously low score catapulted my rank south with a juicy red arrow to match. A 13k drop means that my overall rank is now 3,527,369. Can I make it into the 3.6m club! I can only dream…



Guzan – 1 point again from the Villa man, one of my best signings of 2016!


Kaboul – In my personal squad I am contemplating buying Younes which worries me with both squads! 6 points!

Captain Wollscheid – Zero points doubled means “Hero”!

Cook – This guy has been a thorn in my side for a while. Thankfully this week, Steve was well behaved, 0 points.

Lescott – Beats his goalkeeping colleague by 1 and is the 3rd defender to score diddly squat!


Wanyama – played half a game, he’s definitely not half a man! 1 point.

Cattermole – 3 points from the first of my 4 C’s, that’s right, we’ve had an upgrade! Although Colback did leave, thankfully!

Cork – The new addition to the 4C’s is Jack Cork and a 2 point return is the reason why.

Coquelin – Absent.


Gomis – Absent.

Berahino – Injured.


Jerome – Absent.

Barry – Injured.

Steven Taylor – Injured.

This needs to be addressed so my transfers are to bring in players who play at least.

So now onto this week’s team, and here is how we line up:


Steven Taylor > Mbemba


This week the honour goes to Victor Wanyama.

Written by Matty Kaye


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