FPL Dilemma – Jordan Henderson vs Nacer Chadli

In this article we will  be looking at who the better player is between Jordan Henderson (7m) and Nacer Chadli (7m) to add to your side for the start of this season.

Jordan Henderson

Now officially Liverpool’s new captain, it is likely that Henderson has a massive season ahead of him. Last season he picked up a total of 162 points on FPL, the most of any player who is currently 7m or less and only 5 midfielders managed to garner more points than him last season. In terms of FPL points, and also in terms of goals and assists, Henderson had his best season in 2014/2015 with 6 goals to his name as well as 10 assists, as well as playing more minutes than in any other season. With Gerrard now gone, it is likely that Henderson will take over penalty duties, although Firmino may take over some of Henderson’s free kick duties. Either way, the signs seem to say that Henderson could have another great season in a Liverpool team which already looks stronger than last season due to the new signings. At just 7m, Henderson could prove to be one of the bargains of the season, although his high ownership (currently 26.3%) may deter a lot of managers from selecting him.

Nacer Chadli

The Spurs attacking midfielder enjoyed a fruitful second season in the Premier League which saw him score 11 goals and grab 6 assists, finishing the season on 160 points. In fact he amassed a points tally which fell just 2 points short of Henderson’s, which is quite impressive if you take into account that he played nearly 10 less games than Henderson did. Chadli has been described as a player who can make a goal out of nothing as well as being a lethal finisher inside the box. Interestingly, Chadli was also the 4th highest scoring FPL midfielder last season whereas only Silva, Hazard and Sanchez managed to score more goals. As in Henderson’s case, Chadli could be a steal at 7m and is also a good option for managers who would rather not splash 9.5m on Harry Kane but still get Tottenham coverage. It is also worth noting that at the time of this article, less than 10% of FPL teams contain Chadli. Many have overlooked him, despite the fact that he in fact has a better minutes to goal ratio than the likes of Silva and Hazard. In fact, of players who played at least 30 times last season, Chadli has the 4th best minutes to goal ratio.

Who to choose?

Choosing between the two players is quite difficult. However, at their 7m price, it is possible to fit both of them in to your team without much hassle. Even though they are two completely different players in terms of their positions, they both have their advantages. Henderson is more nailed on than Chadli, though we expect Chadli to start the majority of Tottenham’s games this season. Chadli is more likely to score from open play and he’s also more likely to get more touches in the opposition’s penalty area as he plays in a more advanced position than Henderson. However, Henderson has the bonus of taking penalties to boost his goal tally while Chadli does not. Arguably, Henderson is a better creator of chances whereas Chadli is a better taker of chances. After a lot of comparing, the better option at this moment in time seems to be Chadli due to Liverpool starting the season with harder fixtures.

FPL Dilemma Result: Nacer Chadli



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