FPL Dilemma – Thibaut Courtois vs Petr Cech

With the departure of Petr Cech from Chelsea, it opens up another top tier goalkeeper for managers to struggle over choosing the most efficient number one. With Cech being replaced by Courtois, it sets the rivalry up even better, with both world class keepers being in impeccable form throughout their whole careers. These two are likely to be amongst the most popular, with both of them being priced at £5.5m.

Thibaut Courtois  

The Belgian was introduced last season, after Mourinho looked for a world class keeper to replace Cech who was entering the latter stage of his career. The first choice keeper finished last season with an impressive 13 Clean sheets and acquired 121 points while also holding his ground in international games and playing a vital role in Chelsea’s winning campaign. Courtois offers consistency, and with being one of the best shot stoppers in the world, he is certainly worth a look at as the season edges closer and closer. He is certainly going to start with no competition from Cech anymore, so will be a player who you can look at to pick you up points week in week out, whatever the circumstances.

Petr Cech

Now its to reliable Cech who dominated Fantasy football for years before controversially being knocked to the bench for the much younger Courtois. However the 33 year old still has the ability to perform and will do for a few more years. With the move to Arsenal, he will be protected by a defence who kept 10 clean sheets and was known for their defensive mistakes but Cech is certainly a upgrade with as he secured 146 points in his last full season and can certainly complete this action again, without breaking a sweat. He has already proved himself and can give managers more confidence as he was renowned as one of the worlds best and will look to reclaim his title.

Who to choose?

Both these players will have pressure leading into the season, with both of them having potential to be world class. Arsenal are known for their heavy attack force, with Sanchez and Walcott being only 2 of a possible 5 world class players, you may want to invest your 3 Arsenal picks into midfielders and strikers to ensure you get points in various parts of the field. Chelsea still don’t have a confident striker, so Hazard will most likely be the player everyone looks to, leaving space for Courtois to slip right into your team, allowing him to pick up points without you even noticing! The big question is, which defence do you have more confidence in? For me, Chelsea.

FPL Dilemma Result: Thibaut Courtois

By Morgan Kidson


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