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Right, I may have confidently predicted a 50+ FPL week last week and yes, we may have ended up on 49 BUT I’m definitely NOT going to blame Benteke for only playing 45 minutes and picking up 1 point!

Well ok, yes I am and he has been ruthlessly pulled from the Updates XI. Either way, we racked up another week of green arrows, another week of a score comfortably above average and continued our surge towards the top 1m! Quite the aspirations I know! So let’s have a little look at our week 6 performance:

FPL Updates

As always let’s talk Butland. Regardless of the fact Stoke’s defence has more holes than a pair of Kylie Jenner jeans (yes I somehow referenced Kylie Jenner in an FPL write up) he always seems to impress. 2 goals conceded yet he returned a very impressive 7 points. We will conveniently overlook the fact it was actually a Wes Morgan shanked back pass but 3 points are 3 points, especially when it helps him to a further 2 bonus points. I’m going to gloss over the fact our 3 defenders managed just 4 points between them and move onto our Mahre…sorry, our midfield.

Riyad Mahrez! I’m not actually sure what will happen when he blanks?! Do we just have to transfer him out? Does the game just end? I don’t know. Either way, he scored us 11 points. I cheered and then realised that a further 1.7 million people own him and sat back down. Elsewhere, our FPL Updates new boy Yaya Toure played as if we had forgotten his birthday, Ayew blanked again and Memphis Depay finally got us some points! With Sunderland up next for Depay, I more than hope he will deliver us a return worthy of the patience we have shown.

Up top the transfer in of Callum Wilson justified our decision to take a 4 point hit. His goal and bonus point was much appreciated, even if I had started smelling another hattrick after he scored as early as the 4th minute. Aguero, due a goal, could only muster an assist whilst wearing the armband but at least it was something. We had someone else in our attack but we don’t have him anymore so let’s not bother.

Changes time. *Bandwagon Alert*. With just the 1 free transfer we made a decision to do something that no one else on the game would ever think to do…

Benteke (OUT) –> Martial (IN)

Yes, I know it is painfully predictable but Sunderland at home! Granted, Sunderland have been strengthened by the suspension of Kaboul but even so, I have no shame in this swap.


Week 7 is here and unsurprisingly Butland stays in goal. For a second consecutive week he faces off against another of our players, Callum Wilson, but seeing as last week Butland and Mahrez played each other and accumulated 18 points for us I’m not overly concerned. We play the same 3 in front of him again. We will be expecting more than 4 points combined this week but not a lot more. Tough match ups blight them all. Richards (LIV), Huth (ARS), Kolarov (TOT), so we will be rolling with no more than fingers crossed and wishful thoughts.

In midfield we go with Mahrez (ARS), Ayew (SOU), Yaya (TOT) and Depay (SUN). Mahrez doing anything other than blanking will defy all fantasy football logic. Ayew is on our radars for a possible swap out soon, mainly because he is effectively a midfielder playing up top. Yaya Toure is due a return in my opinion and Depay, as we already highlighted, has Sunderland!

Now the front 3. Starting with Anthony Martial! Considering he cost about £50m, his £8.3m fantasy price tag seems rather generous. This is where I’m supposed to enter some kind of generic Rooney-Martial 2015 goal stat. Joking aside, the kid looks a class act and possesses the composure of someone far more experienced. Bargain boy Wilson continues up top for us and considering Stoke have yet to keep a Prem clean sheet this season I’m happy to keep him in. Lastly, its £13.2m man Aguero. With every week that passes that price tag makes my eyes water even more, but avoiding any form of short sightedness, he has Newcastle and Bournemouth at home after Spurs so he is going nowhere.

Good luck to you all and let’s see some more green arrows!

By FPL Guru


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