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The FPL Shithouse team, since their 2 week break whilst everyone else was competing in European qualifiers, have done nothing but terrible in Fanatsy Premier League terms. Gameweek 11 certainly did not disappoint as the 11 worst footballers to brace the Premier League did sweet f***all. With a grand total of 41 BELOW the average my week could not have been better. The gameweek rank was 3,533,876 which is in the bottom 21K! To compound my delight every one of my 11 players played in their game so this is a true Shithouse score!

So with an overall rank of 3,334,492 I am now in the bottom 6%



Schmeichel – Normal service resumed as the Leicester shot stopper failed to stop 2 goals, 1 point.


Bassong – A lonely point against the league leaders was doubled to bring back 2, great job.

Huth – Played 90, conceded 2 and picked up a yellow card. Zero points, brilliant.

Hutton – Followed in the footsteps of Huth but let in an extra goal. Zero points, brilliant.

Van Aanholt – This guy picked up an assist and hit the bar but due to conceding 6 goals, the Dutchman only brought home 2 points.

Total defensive points…. 5!


Cattermole – Played only 37 minutes and was taken off because of injury, however it doesn’t look serious and my main man looks good to play in gameweek 12. 1 point.

Coquelin – The 2nd of my deadly 3 C’s performed very well and somehow escaped his usual yellow card, 3 points for the Arsenal general.

King – The third man of my Leicester contingent played 22 minutes and scored a solid 1 point, well played Andy.

Sánchez – The Villa cannot play football, simple Sanchez thinks he can, 2 secluded points so he’s a keeper. Well, he may as well be…..


Rooney – My gamble. My high price tag Shithouser, is paying off. Played 90 minutes and did ‘nada’. His goal in Champions League is great news, as this means he will keep his place going forward!

Agbonlahor – Gabby went off injured again. I’m not sure I can carry him anymore; he may have to make way although his 1 withdrawn point offers solace to my plight to calamity.

So as the last gameweek before another international break looms I am confident my 15 players will carry on with their un-fabulous form.



2 free transfers this week and I will carry one over so I can see the full extent of all my injuries.

Butland (OUT) -> Ruddy (IN)

Butland has been very impressive so it’s time for him to make way for John Ruddy of Norwich.

Captain – Carlos Sanchez who faces Manchester City at home, 2 points expected.

By Matty Kaye


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