SHITHOUSE XI – Gameweek 21 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

What a belting way to start 2016, NOT! Boruc, Bassong, Cook and Huth, what the hell is going on?! A few weeks back it was the strikers who all colluded and now its the rear guard. With 3 clean sheets and a penalty save I have had my worst FPL defensive gameweek to date. Stern words will be provided ahead of gameweek 21 and a stint on the sidelines may be just what’s needed to get these so call Shithousers back outta shape.

With a green rise of 1750 its progress in the wrong direction and my current overall rank is 3,417,294.

Before we move into round 21, lets re-cap the previous, horrid, week.



Boruc – What a berk. A clean sheet, a penalty save and 3 bonus points meant he accumulated 1 less point than my whole gameweek 11 Total! 14 Points!


Bassong – He was brought in as he was shipping goals left right and centre yet his recent form suggests Norwich are firming up, so he is definitely on monitor.

Cook – Cock more like. A clean sheet to accompany Boruc’s and a bonus point to boot. A boot is what he will get. 7 points.

Huth – We’ve seen this far too many times for Huth and his days could be numbered. 6 points, again.

Hutton – Follow in his pathway guys, he is becoming a cult Shithouse hero with his consistent zero points, which is what he totalled this week, zero points.

Total defensive points – Thirty Mufa Flipping Three (33)


Captain Colback – 78 minutes played and a yellow card meant he delivered 1 point doubled. Job done.

Cattermole – 90 minutes played and a yellow card meant he delivered 1 point. Job done.

Lucas – 90 minutes played and a yellow card meant he delivered 1 point. Job done. Take note defenders, this is how its done!

Yacob – Still learning his trade here and not quite mastered how to be a bastard. 2 points from Claudio.


Jerome – Absolute key player as he prevented van Aanholt’s 9 points coming on. Jerome played 10 minutes and did sweet nothing.

Okazaki – Like his fellow striker he was essential as he also prevented Rooney coming on who picked up 8 points!

Total subs bench points – 24 points!!!! Phew.

So gameweek 21 is upon us and some changes were needed.



The impressive Declan Rudd OUT and Guzan of Villa IN.

Captain – Lucas who is on for a yellow card at least versus the quick paced Arsenal.

Written by Matty Kaye


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