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Well, as the double gameweeks are getting nearer, we felt it was time to answer some questions about when and where to use the triple captain chip. Now obviously the chips are going to be used left right and centre when the double gameweeks are happening, and the triple captain one is bound to be a very popular one. So, I know what you’re thinking…

When should we use it and who are the popular picks?

Well, there’s 3 double gameweeks this year, in gameweeks 33, 34 and 37. Several teams have one or two, but very few teams have three. Everton have an astound three double gameweeks this year, so if you want to improve your rank I’d suggest going for a few Everton players. Don’t go mad and get players who aren’t guaranteed points though, for example I wouldn’t get an Everton defender as this year Everton’s defence has been poor. Everton’s attack, however, has been incredible. They’ve been scoring nearly every week, so players like Lukaku and Barkley may be decent picks for captaincy. Lukaku has been great of late and away from home, Lukaku has a very good points return. But, you’re probably thinking, “which week would be the best to triple captain Lukaku?” It may be the case that gameweek 33 is the best as firstly it may not be the most popular week for triple captain to be used and Lukaku plays away twice against Crystal Palace and Watford. Everton have got most of their points this year away so I’d really suggest going for it in double gameweek 33.

If you don’t have Lukaku and you’re not thinking of getting him anytime soon, then the other player I’d suggest triple captaining is Aguero. Form wise he hasn’t been good, but one of the double gameweek fixtures is Newcastle. Sorry Geordies, I’ve got to remind you about this one. When Manchester City took on the Magpies last time, Aguero scored five past them. Now a repeat of that would be unbelievable, but a goal or two looks likely especially with the return of Kevin De Bruyne. Aguero will be a very popular triple captain choice, so regardless of a good points haul, your rise in the rankings won’t be as good as you’d hope. However, if you don’t triple captain Aguero and he does do well then you will fall thousands in the rankings!

Another popular pick is Arsenal and their attacking players such as Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil. Arsenal have double gameweeks, significantly in week 34 where they play against Crystal Palace and West Brom which is an exciting prospect for those that may want to use their triple captain chip on an Arsenal player.

Should you triple captain a double gameweek player?

It is not always necessary to triple captain a double gameweek player. If a player doesn’t have a double gameweek, then it doesn’t always mean that they can’t deliver the goods. Kane and Vardy are the two best strikers in the league on current form, and they don’t have a double gameweek. The right fixture and they could easily get double digits. If you’re feeling risky, then I’d definitely captain either Kane or Vardy because they are as good, if not better, than a lot of players who have multiple double gameweeks!

Looking at just double gameweeks, who are the best picks?

There are 3 double gameweeks and plenty of captaincy picks. Here is a breakdown:

Gameweek 33:

Gameweek 33 see’s just Everton and Crystal Palace have 2 fixtures.

1. Romelu Lukaku (WAT & CRY)

2. Ross Barkley (WAT & CRY)

Gamble – Connor Wickham (NOR & EVE)

Gameweek 34:

Gameweek 34 see’s double gameweeks for Newcastle, Manchester City, West Ham, Watford, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Brom.

1. Sergio Aguero (CHE & NEW)

2. Alexis Sanchez (CRY & WBA)

3. Romelu Lukaku (SOU & LIV)

Gamble – Marcus Rashford (AVL & CRY)

Differential – Dimitri Payet (LEI & WAT)

Gameweek 37:

Gameweek 37 see’s double gameweeks for West Ham, Manchester United, Norwich, Watford, Sunderland, Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea.

1. Romelu Lukaku (LEI & SUN)

2. Dimitri Payet (SWA & MUN)

3. Roberto Firmino (WAT & CHE)

Gamble – Odion Ighalo (LIV & NOR)

Differential – Diego Costa (SUN & LIV)

We hope this has helped identify some triple captain opportunities and when you can use the chip!

Written by Bonus FPL


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