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Gameweek 33 proved to be another successful one. Here’s how the Differentials XI looked at the end of the week:

‘Go on my Son’ secured double points again with a goal resulting in a 20 point captain display. Since his arrival into the team he’s managed 5 goals and 1 assist, not a bad transfer if I don’t say so myself. However, his form meant his presence in the team didn’t last long due to the ownership criteria. The other key performers were all from London with Vertonghen’s assist, Janssen’s late substitute goal and Ozil’s winner at Middlesbrough. All in all, 61 points. 790k overall. Not too shabby.

This week is where it gets tricky. Double gameweeks start having to get factored in and this makes these players popular and means teams with ownership restrictions may get left behind. However, I think I’ve got a few gems in.

In the net is Robles. West Ham away looks slightly more favourable than Chelsea away for Forster. The back three consists of David Luiz, Shawcross and Vertonghen. What’s slightly worrying about Luiz is after the United defeat, it means that Chelsea haven’t had a clean sheet since gameweek 22. The Blues certainly aren’t cantering to the league. Shawcross’ Stoke also haven’t had a clean sheet recently with a 5 week drought but if they mark Llorente and Sigurdsson out the game, they should be fine. Vertonghen at Palace is a game that Spurs have to win to keep the race alive.

Ozil actually looked somewhat interested last time out, I know, hard to believe. More of the same at the weekend where Arsenal might find themselves up against a deflated Leicester after their Champions League exit. Barkley’s been really good recently and Bilic’s West Ham haven’t exactly been great, so it all looks like another good opportunity for Barkley to boss the game. Milner’s back into the starting 11 as it looks like Janssen will now find himself plonked on the Spurs bench with ‘Arry back. Mkhitaryan continued his impressive form in the Europa league and with his own double gameweek with Burnley and City, he’ll surely contribute again. Sane’s been drafted in for Son due to the ownership aspect. He also has a DGW on the horizon.

Up top is Gray. Nothing exciting, more there as I don’t have any alternative. But the second transfer of the week, Marcus Rashford, certainly is exciting. His performance against Chelsea coupled with Zlatan’s injury in Europe means it’s likely that the Englishman will start up top in both games this week. Ohhhh, tasty.

Written by FPL Avids (@FPLAvids)

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