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An above average week last time out for the Differentials XI, with 46 points which is something we’ve not been able to say that often recently so we can’t complain. Pereyra finally got his form back and rumour has it he’s the second most talented man ever to grace Watford behind Elton John.

Here’s how the Differentials XI looked at the end of the week:

Differentials XI

So as mentioned, above average! At the back we saw 24 points from our 5 players which wasn’t bad, but unfortunately there was a clean sheet from Forster left on the bench. In the middle of the park, Snodgrass and Bolasie banked, but Nolito and Pereyra made up for this, with 13 points between them. Unfortunately, up top Benteke and Musa could only muster 3 points between them. This may be one areas that we will look to improve on in the future, but with Leicester’s fixtures and Benteke’s ability to find the back of the net, we shall give them another week or so.

This week I’ve taken the approach if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Only a tweak to the starting 11 is in order.


Starting XI: Forster (4.3%), Luiz (2.4%), Mustafi (1.9%), Shawcross (2.6%), Eriksen (4.6%), Pereyra (0.7%), Nolito (1.3%), Bolasie (6.5%), Snodgrass (4.8%), Benteke (6.3%), Musa (4.1%)

Bench: Stekelenburg (4.3%), Coleman (4.9%), Dawson (1.7%), Wilson (3.3%)

In goal I’ve swapped out Stekelenburg for Forster. They face each other and the Saints have an excellent home record. But the switch could easily come back to bite me!

No defence is complete without David Luiz. Although I feel I may be saying farewell to the Brazilian soon as his ownership is on the rise on the back of 6 straight clean sheets, which is obviously understandable. Mustafi against Bournemouth is a good opportunity for a cleanie. Shawcross is currently in the starting XI but I may switch to Dawson as the Baggies are under great form.

A midfield 5 some of Eriksen, Pereyra, Nolito, Bolasie and Snodgrass. The later disappointed on his debut, but I’ll give him a second chance. Nolito got a solidarity assist on his return to the starting XI last weekend so I’m hoping he can continue contributing. Erisken will have a tough time against Chelsea but I’ve got a feeling it might be a set piece that breaks the Blues run of clean sheets. Bolasie’s always dangerous and against Fonte, I think he could cause problems. While Pereyra is finally showcasing his skills. If he doesn’t score, Shawcross may well get a clean sheet.

Up top remains Benteke and Musa. Christian faces SUPER BOB BRADLEY, HOORAH! Musa gets a breakaway and Ranieri will no be of using on the league after securing their last 16 spot in the Champions League.

Written by FPL Avids (@FPLAvids)

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